BLUMORPHO representing a large company leader in its field, is looking for strategic partners to develop antimicrobial touch surfaces.

We are looking for material and surface treatments with proven capabilities to continuously reduce microbial contamination in killing bacteria or viruses.

The objective is to maintain effective antimicrobial properties even after repeated contamination of at least 5 years of daily use.

Solution for both soft and hard touch surfaces

We are looking for solutions that can be applied to both soft and hard touch surfaces. The substrates for surface treatments can be metal, plastic, glass, wood, leather or textiles including non-woven fabrics. Specific solutions for specific material are fully acceptable.


The surface treatment should not alter the material aesthetic such as texture, shape or weight. In case of colour change, the aesthetics will be an important parameter for the assessment. The treatment can be applied as a finish or before the final processing steps of the material. The manufacturability of the material must then be preserved.

Solution for very large volume

The solution must be scalable, affordable and applicable for very large volume in consumer products.


Highly mature solutions are preferred, however maturity as low as TRL4 can be considered, providing that a maturation project could lead to TRL7 in an 18-month timeframe.

As an illustration copper alloys are known for such antimicrobial properties. These proven solutions are acceptable but only alloys with high resistance to tarnishing and high antimicrobial qualities should be listed. This material is mentioned by way of example, it should not be considered as a limitation, all potential solutions will be assessed.

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