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Where investors, start-up & corporates meet to invest and shape the future.
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INPHO® Venture Summit

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Where investors, start-up & corporates meet to invest and shape the future. And You ?

The INPHO® Venture Summit operated by BLUMORPHO is an exclusive convergence of elite investors and entrepreneurs, convening biennially in the distinctive setting of Bordeaux, France.

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The INPHO® Venture Summit 2024 edition is now open.

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Top-notch investors and entrepreneurs define where to invest in Deep Tech

INPHO® Venture Summit operated by BLUMORPHO is a biennal offering an efficient and unusual format for “straightforward” and “fruitful” discussions to challenge trends and investment opportunities.

Leading Deep Tech investors and decision-makers will participate in engaging discussions and delve deeply into investment opportunities. Their expertise sharing on trends and value propositions affecting diverse industries result in investments with a positive and sustainable impact on humanity.

Since its first edition, INPHO® Venture Summit has offered a wealth of success stories, and every participant share the same strong ambition to collaborate and invest to contribute to make the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals the new economy.

All of this is made possible thanks to the keynote presentations, our panel discussions, evaluations of pitches from selected VC companies, and an unwavering commitment to positively impact the future.

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INPHO Venture Summit - BLUMORPHO
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200+ global experts in a dense 24-hour program, featuring 10 panels on selected ‘hot topics’ addressing tomorrow’s challenges with corporate and investor insights.

INPHO® Venture Summit is recognized as the right place for high level networking in an inspiring atmosphere.

At INPHO® Venture Summit, we aim to challenge the pros and cons of how Deep Tech can address upcoming challenges.

The location of the INPHO® Venture Summit in Bordeaux, capital of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region is also a key asset for this private event.

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Space, circularity, AI in Healthcare, reinforcing European manufacturing competitiveness including a specific focus on semiconductors, AgTech and resource shortages, energy and decarbonization, ethical AI, as well as data management and new business models with the insurance case study were covered.

Success stories

Following the Smart & Sustainable Marina, IADYS Jellyfishbot was adopted by the award-winner, Flisvos Marina: "At Flisvos Marina, the environmental protection and the use of innovative technologies, are two of the main pillars of our strategy. Therefore, for depollution and preservation for the marina sea water, we use the Jellyfishbot by IADYS technology, a robot/drone that collects floating waste and oil from the water surface."
See in 2022 e-catalogue
Solar Cloth
Following the Smart & Sustainable Marina, Solar Cloth technology was implemented in the Yacht Club de Monaco. "The flexible solar fabric takes part in the Yacht Club's sustainability approach to optimise energy usage linked to nautical events". William Borderie adds that Solar Cloth wants to "inspire new generations".
See in the 2022 e-catalogue
Ocean Ecostructures
MB92 Barcelona has adopted Ocean Ecostructures' technology: "One of the pillars of our sustainability plan is a commitment to improve water quality and biodiversity in and around our facilities. We are pleased to announce the recent installation 10 Life Boosting Units (LBU) created by Ocean Ecostructures. These bioregeneration structures are designed to boost biodiversity and the number of species in the area by up to 60%. With an accompanying app, we will be monitoring their growth and nearby species."
See in the 2022 e-catalogue
HospitHome is an innovative telemedicine monitoring-startup for sick, high-risk and urgent care needing patients. Since 2019, it has been developing targeted projects. We create tools for medical assistance that utilizes the modern technologies, medical and scientific innovation. The aim is to promote a new model of health, economically efficient and patient-centered.
See in the 2021 e-catalogue
Risk assessments and remediation implementation for critical vessel systems. Implementation of secure networks and device level security for guests and crew. Design, validations, and implementation of a comprehensive cybersecurity framework. Continuous network monitoring for operational vessel and superyachts with remote control center active 24/7.
See in the 2021 e-catalogue
Seaflex is a mooring system that replaces traditional mooring systems such as chain or piles. It offers very long life and as it does not touch the seabed, it can also be used in Posidonia seagrass areas. We design and supply an environmentally safe and sustainable mooring system for floating structures such as pontoons in marinas and energy devices such as Floating Solar platforms.
See in the 2021 e-catalogue
Provide: autonomous, quantum-resilient, self-healing encryption platform + integrated enterprise security suite, applying advanced virtualization methods to protect digital assets (in unlimited concurrent trusted digital relationships) vs. today’s highly vulnerable standard IT network protection approach. Our tech is universally applicable, patented, and vetted by top national security experts.
See in the 2021 e-catalogue
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Benefits for innovative startups

Join the E-Catalogue
Showcase your Deep Tech startup in our e-catalog. This exclusive opportunity offers unparalleled visibility, facilitating connections with a discerning network of investors and industry leaders. Present your groundbreaking innovations, position your startup as a frontrunner in the Deep Tech sector, and apply now to expedite your journey to success.
Coaching for the pitching sessions (if selected)

Moreover between 15 and 20  companies will be selected by the private investors part of the Editorial committee to introduce their activity to the audience, gaining in visibility to enter into the discussions with private investors and large corporations participating to INPHO® Venture Summit. But again, it is not all. INPHO® Venture Summit brings innovation on its own content. INPHO® Venture Summit program is designed to facilitate cross fertilization among different vertical businesses

VC ‘s feedback on your application

INPHO® Venture Summit offers a unique opportunity to pitch in front of investors interested in innovative companies focused on different targeted sectors.
To ensure a high-quality elevator pitch, all submissions will be assessed by a Selection Committee made up of investors. They will be coached by experts and financial advisors from BLUMORPHO for their 5- minute pitch to investors. Each pitch will be followed by a 2-minute Q&A session.

Acces to the full conference program

Join INPHO® Venture Summit will give you the opportunity to engage in off-the-beaten-track discussions. Through interactions with participants, you will gather key information that will help you to validate or define your own positioning on those bankable challenges to pave the way to competition and reinforce your leadership.

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The Monaco Smart & Sustainable is live now!


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24 hours of open discussion and networking to address tomorrow’s challenges​

Chaired for the fourth time by George Ugras, Managing Director of AV8 Ventures, INPHO relied on a robust editorial committee composed of 12 members active in private investment. The committee included Eric Benhamou, Founder of BGV; François Tison, General Partner at 360 Capital Partner; Eileen Tanghal, Founder and Managing Director at Black Opal Ventures; Christian Reitberger, Partner at Matterwave Ventures; Mathieu Costes, Partner at Airbus Ventures; Geraldine Andrieux, CEO at BLUMORPHO; Dieter Kraft, Managing Director at TRUMPF Venture; Jean-Gabriel Boinot-Tramoni, Principal at Quantonation; and Hind Beaujon, CSO at Pfeiffer Vacuum.

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George Ugras Chairman of INPHO® Venture Summit in discussion with Eric Benhamou, Founder of Benhamou Global Ventures, leading tech investors in Silicon Valley, Europe and Israel.

A unique venue to disconnect from the regular day-to-day but to connect for long term collaborations

This year witnessed an impressive response, with over 300 startups submitting applications to participate in INPHO. Following a meticulous selection process, we identified and extended invitations to 50 distinguished startups, inviting them to partake in meaningful digital interactions. The pinnacle of the event, the pitching sessions integral to the INPHO 2022 Start-up Award, featured presentations from a select group of 20 finalists.

It is noteworthy that all participants acknowledged the exceptional caliber of the startups featured at INPHO and their adept approach to addressing the key challenges deliberated in our comprehensive panel discussions. The formality and professionalism maintained throughout the event underscored its significance and success.

Space, Hydrogen, Deep Tech x Health, ...

Space represented a significant high-growth market opportunity addressed by Pangea Aerospace, characterized by disruptive rocket engines, environmentally friendly propulsion systems, and an appealing business model. The imperative for energy transition was evident, acknowledging the formidable challenge of replacing fossil fuels. Hydrogen emerged as a promising alternative, with EH Group Engineering presenting scalable stack hydrogen fuel cells for high-power applications.

Decarbonization and energy transition necessitated a reevaluation of energy consumption methods. In a world increasingly dominated by digitalization across industries, Nicolas Leterrier, CTO of Schneider Electric, highlighted the potential of edge computing to reduce power consumption. During the INPHO Venture® Summit, two companies, Innatera and UPMEM, showcased innovative solutions for minimizing energy consumption in data exploitation. Innatera specialized in ultra-low power intelligence for sensors, while UPMEM focused on next-generation data center computing architecture.

Another significant theme addressed was the imperative for increased automation and agile production to enhance European manufacturing competitiveness and concurrently reduce its carbon footprint. Robots emerged as compelling solutions, with LightCode Photonics presenting a smart, scalable, and cost-effective approach, providing 3D vision to robots for improved interaction with their environment and humans, enabling them to handle new tasks.

INPHO 2022 Start-up Award

The conclusion of the INPHO 2022 Start-up Award involved a closely contested decision, and after extensive deliberations, Xsensio emerged as the winner. This company presents a compelling opportunity to pave a new path in healthcare, intersecting the realms of DeepTech and Health. Through its innovative solution for the continuous monitoring of hormones and proteins, Xsensio offers promising prospects for the development of new treatments, enhanced prevention, and improved monitoring of at-risk populations. Xsensio distinguishes itself by combining the collection of medical data with a strong commitment to privacy and ownership, utilizing sensors that address environmental and usage constraints.

INPHO award
Xsensio won the INPHO 2022 Startup Award

Following in the footsteps of past winners such as Effect Photonics, Prophesee, and Nvision, Xsensio is poised to leverage the INPHO ecosystem for growth and development. It is also true for all participants since as stated Heli Valtna CEO of LightCode Photonics, “INPHO is extremely efficient for networking and creating future cooperation”. “It was better than I’ve ever experienced and could anticipate” she added.


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selected start-ups from Seed to Series C

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is currently being raised by those start-ups

"The question is what industries will not be disrupted by deep tech and AI in the coming years?...the answer is none."

INPHO went beyond mere figures, conceived by investors to explore how deep tech can confront the significant challenges that lie ahead. The opening keynote by Geoffrey Moore, a globally recognized disruption expert and author, established the tone by outlining upcoming disruption waves and their respective drivers. As George Ugras, Chairman of the INPHO Venture Summit and AV8 General Manager and Founder, emphasized, “the question is what industries will not be disrupted by deep tech and AI in the coming years, and the answer is none.” Indeed, all industries are anticipated to be affected by the growing adoption of AI and a higher level of systems autonomy.

In this evolving landscape, data is poised to become the new oil, granting organizations significant power and responsibility. Mireille Helou, CEO of Orange Silicon Valley, highlighted the shift towards new distributive schemes concerning the value of data, emphasizing the dual aspects of power and responsibility associated with data ownership.

Deep tech shapes the new digital era of the COVID-19 world

The narrative presented by keynote speakers and panelists may convey a sense of enthusiasm for new technologies. However, this optimism is grounded in deep analysis and compelling reasons, as articulated by key executives at INPHO 2020. Amid the unprecedented pandemic situation, the health sector serves as a poignant illustration of the expected value that new technologies can bring.

In the words of George Ugras, “When you think about the level of randomness nowadays in health treatment, as illustrated in cancer but also in the COVID situation, AI and Machine Learning are expected to drastically improve healthcare efficiency.” This sentiment was echoed by François Cremieux, Deputy CEO of APHP, the largest hospital group in Europe, who emphasized the need for AI in hospitals, noting that “despite the interest, today in hospitals, AI only accounts for maybe 1% of activities.”

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has accelerated the push towards digitization for enhanced decision-making processes across all industrial sectors. Simultaneously, it has heightened awareness of new social behaviors driven by the Millennial generation.

The INPHO 2020 Award was bestowed upon NVision

Hervé Floch, CEO of the French Photonics and Microwave cluster Alpha-RLH, and George Ugras, INPHO Chairman, were delighted to present the INPHO 2020 Award to NVision. NVision excels in enhancing the MRI signal of metabolites by a factor of 10,000, rendering them and their biological pathways visible in MRI scans. The groundbreaking technology developed by NVision enables molecular imaging with quantum-enhanced MRI agents, marking a significant advancement in precision medicine. This highly promising company is poised to catalyze transformative developments in the field.


NVision Team.











Hard-talk: What keep you up at night?

With its editorial committee, including Georges Ugras, Managing Director at IBM Ventures; Jean-Marc Bally, Managing Partner at Aster Capital; Dieter Kraft, General Manager at Trumpf Venture; Jean-Louis Malinge, Partner at Arch Venture Partners; Paul Thurk, Managing Director at Arch Venture Partners; Christian Reitberger, Partner at BtoV and Wellington Partners; Aymerik Renard, General Partner at Hardware Club; and Kyung Yoon, Talent Age Associate’s CEO, the INPHO® Venture Summit 2018 offered participants a unique opportunity to engage with leading game changers, gaining insights into ‘what kept them up at night.

Inpho Learn 1

Explore our future and invent new business models

The INPHO® Venture Summit 2018 addressed innovations transforming industries and creating new business models. The Editorial Committee selected key topics, which were scrutinized by industry leaders and game changers. Pros and cons were deliberated in panel discussions moderated by private investors.

The summit explored the anticipated impact of blockchain in industrial applications, next-generation computing for the IoT and Artificial Intelligence revolution, and the deep tech influence on industry productivity through robotics, quantum technology, and monitoring hardware. These discussions, featuring C-level executives from leading companies, were dynamic, varied, and valuable.

INPHO® Venture Summit focused on tackling cross-cutting innovations for bankable challenges. Additionally, a specific session highlighted ‘Crazy Technologies,’ selected by the editorial committee as breakthrough innovations with high potential value.


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Countries from Europe, USA, China, Japan, Israel

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A Summit designed to tackle challenges fostering solutions for major world issues.

The Inpho® Venture Summit, Photonics and Beyond, was a biennial financial and strategic business event held on October 6-7, 2016, in Bordeaux, France. The conference provided innovative SMEs with enhanced access to finance and focused on growth market investments. Bordeaux’s rich industrial expertise in photonics led to significant advancements in various sectors.


The two-day conference explored equity investment opportunities in hardware technologies, fostering the growth of digital innovation and connected devices across multiple industrial sectors.

INPHO 2016 PG Therond 87511

George Ugras, managing director of IBM Venture Capital Group, will preside over the 5th edition of Inpho Venture Summit

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“Photonics continues to evolve. Combined with other smart technologies, it has led to exciting innovations addressing bankable economic challenges,” said Inpho 2016 chairman George Ugras. “I am pleased to chair a new chapter in the Bordeaux region’s initiative to further private placement investment in photonics and other disruptive hardware technologies developed in Europe. Each edition draws increasingly higher profile industrial players and investors with a singular objective: to strike a deal. Inpho Venture Summit is an exciting place to be for high-level business networking in a unique setting where, over two days, everyone is accessible and very proactive.”



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INPHO® Venture Summit 2024

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Geraldine ANDRIEUX

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In 2024, the event will take place at Place de la Bourse, an idyllic situation in a cultural environment and close from the historic center. This place offers a perfect setting because of its unique position along the Garonne River and its proximity to the largest hotels and shops.