Deal Flow

With our operations, we offer unfair advantages to benefit from deal flow of opportunities to build strategic and financial collaborations.

What makes us unique

Daily interactions with stakeholders in deep tech and in various industries.

Unique, neutral and trusted position in the ecosystem.

Unique tools and process to gain time with high efficiency

Technical, market and industrial knowledge

Ability to either promote players or work in full confidentiality

Right data, relevant assessment and users friendly interactions.

Leading organizations trust our uniqueness to generate collaboration and investment deal flow outside the beaten tracks, to be part of the the first to detect new value opportunities.


How Bosch Group relies on BLUMORPHO to invest in innovation?

BLUMORPHO collaborated with Robert Bosch Venture Capital Team

2018 – The Bosch Group was looking for collaborations with start-up companies developing and providing innovative solutions in Next Generation Computing to reach further progress in computing performance.

Generated deal flow → 230

230 promising companies have been identified from 26 different countries. All companies have been evaluated by BOSCH group and BLUMORPHO. 40 entered into discussion with BOSCH group. 15 have been selected to meet with BOSCH teams in Stuttgart.

Investment and collaboration

BOSCH invested in start-ups such as Zapata Computing