INPHO® Venture Summit 2024

Where investors, start-up & corporates meet to invest and shape the future. 

The next edition: 24-25 October 2024

Inpho Venture Summit 2024

INPHO® Venture Summit 2024

Inpho Venture Summit 2024

Where investors, start-up & corporates meet to invest and shape the future. 

The next edition: 24-25 October 2024

Connect with our prestigious network of investors and corporates selecting innovative start-ups at INPHO Venture Summit 2024

 INPHO Venture Summit 2024 is the leading venture capital summit dedicated to fostering deep tech innovation and disruptive technology investment. This summit brings together top investors and corporate leaders to discover and support innovative startups pitching their latest technologies like Evonik, The Hive, SNGLR Capital, Freudenberg Technology Innovation, Bayer Crop Science, Bouygues Construction,  Bosch, Vigo Ventures, Sunway Group, Trumpf Venture, Matterwave Ventures, BGV Benhamou Global Ventures, Natural Ventures, Robert Bosch Venture Capital, Quantonation, First Imagine! Ventures, Demeter, Signature Ventures, Geodesic, Audacia, Axeleo Capital, Chrysalix Venture Capital, Hyundai, GAMUDA, Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials, Arkema.

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The editorial committee share their insights

Discover insights from INPHO’s leading deeptech investors in an open session.

INPHO 2024 Event Schedule - Panels, Keynotes, and Startup Presentations

For this 9th edition of the INPHO Venture Summit, we aim to challenge investment opportunities in the latest trends in deeptech, including GenAI and its most attractive applications. With massive investments made in LLM over the past months, INPHO Venture is looking to identify the most attractive investment opportunities in GenAI start-ups that offer game-changing solutions. The most promising GenAI start-ups offering infrastructure and also start-ups with promising computing solutions will be invited to introduce themselves to the INPHO Venture investor community.


Climate tech will also be a strong focus of this 9th edition of the INPHO Venture Summit, where we will address the unresolved questions of booming energy demand and the need to reduce our impact on the planet. Hydrogen and other low-carbon energy sources, as well as SMR and fusion technologies, will be discussed. The most promising companies in these areas are invited to introduce themselves.

INPHO focuses on deeptech and aims to address promising markets. Considering current megatrends, we will also explore investment opportunities in TechBio, manufacturing, semiconductors, and the blue economy. INPHO is a two-day event by and for investors, sharing their interests and expectations for investment. Welcome to the exclusive INPHO network.

Explore Exciting Highlights of the INPHO Venture Summit 2024 Program

INPHO Venture Summit 2024 is the premier gathering for those interested in deep tech innovation. Our summit focuses on disruptive technology investment, providing a platform for innovative startups pitching their groundbreaking solutions to an audience of influential venture capitalists.

Who will benefit from the AI and GenAI disruption wave and how to leverage this new wave of innovation?

How to invest in venture capital in a context of geopolitical instability in a post-COVID capital investment market?

What are the specific investment opportunities in Europe for its sovereignty?

What are the investment opportunities in capital-intensive innovations like new energy sources, carbon capture, and other areas, as part of the efforts to combat climate change?

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Private Investors’ Editorial Committee

Our committee has designed the Summit for you to tackle our world’s biggest challenges through unconventional discussions and breakthrough technologies.

George Ugras


Managing Director

AV8 Ventures

Eric Benhamou



Benhamou Global Ventures

Francois Tison


General Partner

360 Capital Partner

Gemma GARRIGA from Google


Technical Director, Applied AI


Dieter Kraft


Managing Director

TRUMPF Venture

Hind Beaujon


Chief Sales Officer

Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology

Mathieu Costes



Airbus Ventures

Jean Gabriel Boinot Tramoni





Aymerik Renard


General Partner

Hardware Club

TM RAVI from The Hive


Managing Director & coFounder

The Hive

Nicolas Leterrier


Customers, Innovation and ONE Labs global VP

Schneider Electric

Geraldine Andrieux scaled e1707209690228




Christian Reitberger



Matterwave Ventures

The INPHO Venture Summit 2024 Editorial committee share their insights

What are the topics of reflection for our editorial committee regarding the future of deep tech?

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INPHO® Venture Summit 2024

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Inpho Venture Summit 2024
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