Better Health

Through the development of innovative solutions and processes, we address the pressing challenges of the healthcare sector, empower patients, healthcare professionals and support game changers.

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Better Health

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Through the development of innovative solutions and processes, we address the pressing challenges of the healthcare sector, empower patients, healthcare professionals and support game changers.

What is Better Health?

Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. In healthcare systems mainly focusing on a curative approach, such a definition echoes the disruptive concepts of One health and Salutogenesis 

  • One World, One Health”: safeguarding human health is intricately linked to the health of animals and their dynamic interactions with the environment and the health of their natural ecosystems.
  • Salutogenesis: identifying and promoting the health assets which protect the individual against environmental aggression, enhancing prevention and well-being.

When it comes to Better Health, it means mobilizing technical and social innovations to address these two disruptive concepts and make preventive, predictive, personalized, and participatory (4P) medicine a reality.

AI revolutionizes healthcare

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing healthcare in multiple ways, making the 4P medicine a dream becoming reality. By empowering professionals and transforming patient experience through data driven innovation, AI is reshaping healthcare, empowering professionals and transforming patient experiences.  

Personalized medicine

Personalized medicine applies to the four main stages of patient’s care: prevention, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up. Personalized medicine aims to provide precise diagnostics and tailored treatments based on an individual’s unique biological characteristics for maximum effectiveness. It utilizes computerized analysis of health data and advancements in targeted therapies to revolutionize patient care.

Genetic engineering

Genetic engineering finds applications in various fields, such as cancer therapy development, brewing yeasts, genetically modified crops, and livestock production. It is a powerful tool used in research and industry to shape and enhance biological systems. 

A specific use case: Resilience of Healthcare systems, Pandemic preparedness and the challenge of universal access to care

In order to prepare for future pandemics, it is crucial to invest globally to strengthen the healthcare sector capacities. Adequate facilities, medical supplies, trained healthcare professionals and a robust work on the social determinants of health are essential to effectively respond to and manage outbreaks. Managing a pandemic is challenging but it is even more complicated in low and medium income countries (LMIC). Factors like limited healthcare infrastructures, fragmented value chain, resource constraints, and socio-economic disparities have a huge  impact on their pandemic preparedness.

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Bringing Medical Diagnostic closer to the people in need: BLUMORPHO recognizes the importance of equitable access to healthcare and is actively involved in the HOLICARE project which aims to develop decentralized medical diagnostic devices for respiratory diseases, with the goal of providing healthcare access to all, particularly in resource-limited settings.

Healthcare utilities: Healthcare utilities play an important role in improving resilience against social determinants of health, such as food security, water scarcity, and access to education and energy. These factors exert significant pressure on the well-being of the global population. Embracing both technical and social innovations is imperative to effectively address these social determinants of health in alignment with the SDGs.

“By working on such challenges, BLUMORPHO contributes to building health care system resilience and readiness for future pandemics, ensuring that healthcare solutions reach underserved populations and remote areas.”


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