Better Health in Remote Areas 2024

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Better Health in Remote Areas 2024

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Where investors, start-up & corporates meet to invest and shape the future. 

The next edition: 24-25 October 2024

Meet strategic and financial partners to build collaborations and secure fundings to facilitate the adoption of your innovative health solution.

BLUMORPHO collaborates with stakeholders who are looking for innovative solutions to address unmet health challenges in remote areas and with public and private investors willing to invest in impactful solutions. Working with communities and authorities in remote areas like Niomré (Senegal), we are organizing the 2024 Better Health in Remote Areas edition, inviting startups, corporates, investors, and organizations to join. 


A selected committee of local stakeholders and renowned funding organizations (e.g., World Bank, Invest Finance, Senegalese government) will ensure your innovation fits community needs and can be implemented with the right support. Discover the selected challenges below and apply for free to get a chance to check your product market fit, build partnerships and receive feedback on your solution. If selected, a participation fee will apply to start the discussion. 

For which of these challenges is your innovative solution relevant?


With the support of the European Commission, the HOLICARE project aims at tackling respiratory diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa, especially by supporting the creation of local value chains for better access to diagnostics and treatments. We’re actively seeking groundbreaking innovations in:

Diagnostic Technologies: Cutting-edge tools and methods to enhance diseases prevention, detection, and treatment.

Local Manufacturing: Solutions that empower communities to produce essential healthcare products locally and deliver qualitative and timely health services.

If you are interested, please click here to apply and choose in the form Diagnostic Or local Manufacturing category.

Water and sanitation

Join us in tackling health risks posed by inadequate sanitation and contaminated water sources in remote areas. We need innovative solutions like improved facilities, water treatment tech, mobile apps for hygiene promotion, smart sensors and more to enhance public health outcomes.

If your solution meet this need, please click here to apply.


Energy access remains a critical challenge in remote areas. In Niomré, for example, 4 out of 12 health posts lack electricity. Communities struggle to meet their energy needs, impacting living standards. We’re seeking innovative solutions like renewable energy technologies, decentralized energy systems, innovative financing mechanisms, smart energy management systems, and energy-efficient appliances to address these challenges and improve the conditions in remote areas.

If your solution meet this urgent need, join us in making sustainable energy accessible for all.

Click to apply

Non communicable diseases

Today, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are increasingly impacting not only affluent nations but also low-income countries and remote areas. Diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, mental health disorders, and the need for dialysis present a real challenge. We are looking for solutions that can transform the landscape of NCD management. Advanced diagnostic tools, digital health platforms, AI-powered analytics, sensor technology, remote monitoring devices, and other digital solutions hold important potential for timely intervention and prevention.

Fill the form here to apply


Data challenges in remote areas, including issues like data collection and quality, fragmentation, limited connectivity, and privacy/security concerns, pose significant obstacles to effective healthcare delivery. We are actively seeking innovative solutions to overcome these barriers, such as digital health platforms, satellite technology, blockchain, and data analytics. Join us in leveraging technology to bridge the data divide and empower healthcare in remote areas.

If you are interested please click here to apply.


Mobility challenges in remote areas, like insufficient emergency medical personnel, limited availability of ambulances, and inadequate infrastructure, pose significant barriers to accessing healthcare services during emergencies. We are interested in solutions to overcome these obstacles, such as mobile clinics, telemedicine, and drone technology. Join the action by applying here to ensure your solution reaches the right market and is implemented where the need is high.

Women's health

Women’s health encounters significant issues such as inadequate prenatal care, limited access to contraception, and insufficient screening and treatment for reproductive health concerns like endometriosis and cervical cancer. We are interested in solutions to overcome these obstacles, such as platforms enabling women to consult healthcare providers, receive medical advice, and undergo screenings and diagnostic tests, including point-of-care ultrasound devices and rapid tests for early detection and treatment. Initiatives focusing on education, counseling, and basic healthcare services are also needed to raise awareness about reproductive health, family planning, maternal health , and providing essential prenatal and postnatal care to pregnant women. If your solutions meet these needs, apply to our initiative and contribute to improve women’s healthcare where it is most needed.

Infantil diseases

Infantile diseases present significant challenges, including respiratory infections, diarrheal diseases, dermatological issues, and malnutrition. We are looking for solutions to tackle this urgent need, such as rapid diagnostic tests for common infantile illnesses, affordable treatments, and intelligent algorithms to aid in timely intervention. Solutions related to education and counseling for parents and caregivers are also needed to raise awareness about preventive measures and early detection options. Apply if your solution fits within the scope of what we are seeking.

Your solution fits the demand... Apply to introduce your company to our fund managers, local authorities, medical experts, investors and corporates network, to build strategic collaborations.


If you would like to know more about the jury or the application process, please contact us.


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