Smart Marina

Meet with customers, strategic and financial partners active on the deployment of Smart & Sustainable Marinas.

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Smart Marina

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Meet with customers, strategic and financial partners active on the deployment of Smart & Sustainable Marinas.

We share ambitions and actions with thought leaders to drive positive impact. Being part of this powerful ecosystem, gathering key individuals with incredible spirit, energy, and assets to achieve Sustainable Development Goals, is a privilege.


Smart Marinas as a role model towards Smart cities

We were very honored to collaborate with Monaco Marina Management, organizer of the Smart & Sustainable Marina Monaco . This action was dedicated to bringing together key players, investors, developers, manufacturers and innovators to promote the development of environmentally friendly, efficient, attractive and user friendly marinas that are also lively places where people want to be.

Supported by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the event was hosted by Yacht Club de Monaco, a platform to promote and communicate initiatives in favor of an approach to yachting that fully respects the environment, both at sea and ashore.


Monaco Smart and Sustainable Marina’s aims to showcase innovative start-ups, marinas, and architects, providing an exchange platform for creating sustainable and smarter marinas. With 75% of the world’s population projected to live in coastal regions by 2035, and the yachting sector rapidly expanding, this event is crucial in finding solutions that positively impact our planet.

The Smart and Sustainable Yachting and Marinas represent a multi-billion investment market driven by high eco consciousness and for which many innovations and circularity are expected including in biodiversity regeneration, energy production ans optimization, waterfront construction, marina management, water management and waste management.

Build this powerful ecosystem allows us to connect with key stakeholders who possess remarkable spirit, energy, and resources to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. As the players in the Smart Marina and Sustainable Ecosystem embrace their leadership roles with greater awareness, we are honored to be part of this dynamic community of changemakers, and are looking forward to welcome new innovators to drive change.


Biodiversity regeneration


Energy production


Energy optimisation


Marina management


Water management


Waste management


Waterfront construction

Success stories

Following the Smart & Sustainable Marina, IADYS Jellyfishbot was adopted by the award-winner, Flisvos Marina: "At Flisvos Marina, the environmental protection and the use of innovative technologies, are two of the main pillars of our strategy. Therefore, for depollution and preservation for the marina sea water, we use the Jellyfishbot by IADYS technology, a robot/drone that collects floating waste and oil from the water surface."
See in 2022 e-catalogue
Solar Cloth
Following the Smart & Sustainable Marina, Solar Cloth technology was implemented in the Yacht Club de Monaco. "The flexible solar fabric takes part in the Yacht Club's sustainability approach to optimise energy usage linked to nautical events". William Borderie adds that Solar Cloth wants to "inspire new generations".
See in the 2022 e-catalogue
Ocean Ecostructures
MB92 Barcelona has adopted Ocean Ecostructures' technology: "One of the pillars of our sustainability plan is a commitment to improve water quality and biodiversity in and around our facilities. We are pleased to announce the recent installation 10 Life Boosting Units (LBU) created by Ocean Ecostructures. These bioregeneration structures are designed to boost biodiversity and the number of species in the area by up to 60%. With an accompanying app, we will be monitoring their growth and nearby species."
See in the 2022 e-catalogue
HospitHome is an innovative telemedicine monitoring-startup for sick, high-risk and urgent care needing patients. Since 2019, it has been developing targeted projects. We create tools for medical assistance that utilizes the modern technologies, medical and scientific innovation. The aim is to promote a new model of health, economically efficient and patient-centered.
See in the 2021 e-catalogue
Risk assessments and remediation implementation for critical vessel systems. Implementation of secure networks and device level security for guests and crew. Design, validations, and implementation of a comprehensive cybersecurity framework. Continuous network monitoring for operational vessel and superyachts with remote control center active 24/7.
See in the 2021 e-catalogue
Seaflex is a mooring system that replaces traditional mooring systems such as chain or piles. It offers very long life and as it does not touch the seabed, it can also be used in Posidonia seagrass areas. We design and supply an environmentally safe and sustainable mooring system for floating structures such as pontoons in marinas and energy devices such as Floating Solar platforms.
See in the 2021 e-catalogue
Provide: autonomous, quantum-resilient, self-healing encryption platform + integrated enterprise security suite, applying advanced virtualization methods to protect digital assets (in unlimited concurrent trusted digital relationships) vs. today’s highly vulnerable standard IT network protection approach. Our tech is universally applicable, patented, and vetted by top national security experts.
See in the 2021 e-catalogue
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Benefits for innovative startups

Marinas are currently looking for new solutions to support their sustainable transition.
As innovation provider you can benefit from a 4 levels business development package:

Get ready
Ask your questions

Meet with with Marina promoters, architects, industrials and investors looking for innovate solutions to achieve thier sustainability goals.

Join a series of open-webmeting to guide you through the selection process to join the E-Catalogue and benefit from investors and industrials jury.

These open web-meeting will address all your questions.

Join the E-Catalogue

Be selected to the Smart Yachting and Marina e-catalog that is promoted to more than 10 000 players on the Yachting and Marina’s industry.

The E-Catalogue will be first introduced to Marinas and Architects participating in the Award.

The E-catalogue will be showcased to more than 10,000 decision makers of the Monaco Yacht Club ecosystem – A participation of €600 (before tax) will be requested to selected companies.

Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina Rendezvous,
Award Ceremony

Be introduced to selected targeted customers and investors part of the Smart Yachting & Marina to receive feedback on your solution.

Join this unique Ecosystem day designed for you to interact with Marina promoters, architects, industrials and investors to grow your business.

Benefit from a unique press coverage.

Industrial and Investors jury & Grand Oral for Startup Award

A chance to be part of the 15 companies selected for the Grand Oral for the selection of the 3 most promising Awarded companies

All the selected companies will individually meet with 3 jury members and pitch their solution. They will receive feedback to further build collaboration and raise capital.

A finalist will be defined by category and invited to the Grand Oral.

What they say about Smart Marina

Press coverage

The Monaco Smart & Sustainable is live now!


Meetings organized


Jury members


Innovation in the Marina industry, 1 award


Industries & Investment Players


Countries represented

Aide 1

The 3rd edition of the Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina was held on 24 & 25 September at the Monaco Yacht Club. The Smart & Sustainable Marina Innovation Awards ended in a dead heat between the start-ups, with EH2P Marine and Nereid Water winning outright. Omniflow won the scale-up award.

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Meetings organized


Jury members


Innovation in the Marina industry, 1 award


people reached on LinkedIn


people reached on Twitter

Strenghtening our positive impact on coastal areas

In the continuation of our commitment to advancing innovation in marinas, the second edition was held in 2022. It took us further into the realm of cutting-edge solutions, featuring the addition of two new competitions: one spotlighting Sustainable Marinas, celebrating eco-conscious endeavors, and another dedicated to Architecture and Design, recognizing the role of ecodesign in shaping our littorals.

We are pleased to report that an increasing number of marinas are adopting these innovations, such as IADYS partnering with award-winning Flisvos Marina or MB92 implementing Ocean Ecostructure’s solution in their Barcelona refit yard. This growing participation underscores the industry’s collective commitment to fostering smart, sustainable, and architecturally remarkable marinas. The recent edition was a showcase of progressive ideas, reinforcing our dedication to shaping a future where innovation seamlessly blends with the maritime environment.

Winners 2022 Edition of the Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina

Winners spotlight

In the startup category, ECOncrete and its nature-based solution took the win. The fact that the innovation winner was again issued from the Biodiversity category sends a strong message. ECOncrete has made unanimity amongst the jury, both on the investor and corporate side. This is also a reminder that coastal infrastructures have a massive impact on the environment, and action is needed immediatly in order to address these issues. 

Special congratulations as well to Flisvos Marina for their beautiful work in addressing sustainability, they were the Marina winner. Habacoa Marina received the coup de coeur of the jury.

Finally, Nbax Architecture & Design won in the architecture category, and Snohetta received a coup de coeur. 

Launch of the 2022 Edition
Smart & Sustainable Marina

Opening of the Monaco Sustainable Smart Marina, and presentation from the Architects. 

Keynotes and presentation from the Marinas. 

Keynote speeches (Monaco Marina Management, Fondation Prince Albert II, Crédit Suisse).

Panel discussion: Business value brought by positive impact and sustainability. (Matterwave Venture, Eurazeo, D-Marin, Schneider Electric) 

Panel discussion: Diving into the Blue Economy. (Crédit Suisse, Sustainable Ocean Alliance, MB92)

Panel discussion: marina and architect nominees presentation.

Award ceremony and conclusion of the 2022 edition. 


Applications Processed


Months of Technology Detection


Start-ups highlighted




Continents among the panelists

Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina: An Innovative Micro-City

In Smart & Sustainable Marina, Blumorpho really highlighted the facts that marinas and ports were like a micro-city, with a high capacity to innovate and show the way in Climate Change adaptation.

At BLUMORPHO, we work daily to join the dots between private investors, industrial players and the breakthrough innovators. Regarding this Smart Marina Innovation initiative we handled the ecosystem design that we structured around 8 categories: Energy Optimization, Mobility, Equipment, Security, Water Optimization, Biodiversity, Health and Waste Management. We led the innovation call, the recruitment of an international jury and finaly coordinated the final Consensus Meeting.


Start-ups rewarded

Of the hundred-plus applications, only 55 companies from 30 countries were shortlisted for the Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marine Awards. Credit Suisse, Bombardier, and other industry leaders participated in 160 online interviews organized by Blumorpho over three weeks. After a Consensus Meeting, 3 companies in different categories were awarded.

José Marco Casellini hosted the ceremony, congratulating winners like Isabelle Gerente of Greencity Organisation (Waste Management), Catherine de Roincé of Terroïko (Biodiversity), Stéphane Paul, CEO of H2X-Ecosystems (Energy). They expressed their pride in the achievement. They were also applauded by Bertrand Piccard, supporting Monaco’s pioneering spirit.

In addition, Hospithome, Humint Consulting, Seaflex and Cyrias have received a “Coup de Coeur” Prize from the jury.


Our startup designs solutions for monitoring and protecting the sea. Our patented solution captures waste before it reaches the sea, and targets rainwater drain outlets, especially those in ports and marinas before waste spills into the sea.




H2X-ECOSYSTEMS develops ecosystems in industrial areas and territories, by manufacturing solutions to produce, to distribute, and to consume renewable H2, and by installing mobility solutions via hybrid solar/hydrogen vehicles.



870x489 logo terroiko 1 898x460 1

TerrOïko develops new technologies applied to biodiversity and inspired by the best scientific & digital advances. We offer our clients analysis, modeling and visualization solutions of environmental data mobilizing new technologies for biodiversity management & monitoring such as digital twins, IoT & Deep learning.

Smart & Sustainable Marina Highlights

Interview of José Marco Casellini, CEO of Monaco Marina Management

Interview of Géraldine Andrieux, CEO of Blumorpho

Interview of Marisa Drew, Chief Sustainability Officer at Crédit Suisse

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Discover more about our initiatives in the Blue Economy.

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Marine Hamelin

Innovation Ecosystem Project Manager
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The final event will be held on at the Monaco Yacht Club. The address is: Quai Louis II, 98000, Monaco. You may see it on the plan below. All selected companies will be able to access high level conferences, interactive workshops, and be able to showcase their solution to industry players on the exhibition area. The marina and yachting industry will be gathered in Monaco, right before the Monaco Yacht Show

Marine Hamelin

Innovation Ecosystem
Project Manager
Marine Hamelin scaled e1707409752167

The final event will be held on at the Monaco Yacht Club. The address is: Quai Louis II, 98000, Monaco. You may see it on the plan below. All selected companies will be able to access high level conferences, interactive workshops, and be able to showcase their solution to industry players on the exhibition area. The marina and yachting industry will be gathered in Monaco, right before the Monaco Yacht Show