Financing Maritime Innovation and Infrastructure for Climate and Ocean

An exclusive gathering of key players collaborating towards the maritime industry’s eco-transition

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Financing Maritime Innovation and Infrastructure for Climate and Ocean

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An exclusive gathering of key players collaborating towards the maritime industry’s eco-transition

During the prestigious Monaco Ocean Week organised by The Prince Albert II Foundation, Blumorpho and its partners are organizing an exclusive gathering of key players collaborating towards the maritime eco-transition.

The Monaco Smart & Sustainable is live now!

Financing Maritime Innovation: Our Experts Insights

Press coverage

"What’s next to invest in maritime ?" will be the central point to address the industry’s transformation through innovation and investors led initiatives.

This will be done through high-level interactions to engage stakeholders towards future collaboration, focusing on actions and finance of the maritime’s evolution.

  • Maritime is at the heart of environmental challenges.

  • It is a Political, Geostrategic and Economic Cornerstone.

  • This industry is facing new regulations and adaptations.

Financing Maritime Innovation and Infrastructure for Climate and Ocean, BLUMORPHO, Monaco Ocean Week 2024 Yacht Club de Monaco


of traded goods are carried over ocean shipping. The demand for shipping will rise by 40% by 2050.


The global shipbuilding market is
expected to increase to over $195 billion in size by 2030


In total, shipping was responsible for 800 million tons of CO2 emissions in 2021.



Maritime Fuels



Chambre Monégasque du Shipping
Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco
Mission SeaOrbiter Creations Jacques Rougerie
Julius Bär
New Energies Coalition
CMB Compagnie Maritime Belge
MCA Maritime Campus Antwerp

The Program

Morning Session


Opening of the Financing Maritime Innovation and Infrastructure for Climate and Ocean 


Welcome: Maritime Challenges & Opportunities
  • Sébastien Knecht de Massy, President of the Monaco Chamber of Shipping
  • Francis Vallat, Founding and Honorary President of the Cluster Maritime Français
  • Emilie Espanet, General Secretary of the New Energies Coalition


Panel: What’s Next to Invest in Alternative Fuels for Zero Emission?
  • Bart Huybrechts, Manager MCA, Facilities & Alliances of CMB.TECH MCA
  • Philippe Lavagna, Terminals for New Energies – Product Account Manager, SBM Offshore
  • Wim Verhoeff, Project Manager Fleet Support at Oceanco
  • Nicolas Serrie, CEO of Khimod
  • Guillaume Tremblay, Head of Innovation at Westinghouse Electric Company


Networking & Coffee Break


Panel: How Is Navigation Optimization an Investment Opportunity?
  • François Tison, Partner at 360
  • Sylvain Pagès, Co-founder, Altfin
  • Christophe Paillusseau, VP Sales and Marketing, Ayro
  • Virginie Seurat, General Manager of Seabubbles
  • Nicholas d’Andre, CEO of Gridmatrix


Panel: Towards Net Zero: How to Value Low Carbon Practices?
  • Emilie Espanet, General Secretary of the New Energies Coalition
  • Babis Tsamkosoglou, Director of Corporate Development, Purus
  • Meirav Koren Beeri, Director of Business Operations at Gigablue
  • Wassim Daoud, Head of CSR, Ponant
  • Nathalie Sarel, Managing Director – Head of Sustainable Banking, Crédit Agricole


SeaOrbiter & the Role of Ocean Data
  • Bill Todd, SeaOrbiter
  • Francis Vallat, SeaOrbiter, French Maritime Cluster
  • Philippe Willekens, European Space Agency
  • Emilie Espanet, CMA-CGM
  • T.M. Ravi, The Hive Climate AI
Networking Lunch
Inspiring Testimony by The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation
  • Romain Ciarlet, Executive Director, The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation


Deep Dive Discussion
  1. Join Deep Dive Discussion on Hydrogen
  2. Join Deep Dive Discussion on Alternative New Propulsions
  3. Join Deep Dive Discussion on the Optimization of Energy Consumption
  4. Join Deep Dive Discussion on the Central role of data & AI
  5. Join Deep Dive Discussion on Carbon (CCUS, ETS)
  6. Join Deep Dive Discussion on Environmental Accountability


Networking one-on-one & Collaboration Discussion


Closing Remarks
Closing Cocktail

A Dynamic Co-Creation Process to Accelerate the Flow of Capital Towards Decarbonization Solutions

Preparation in Co-Creation Process



Fichier 6

Get to know key players through digital sessions


Synthesis Opportunities Introduction

Who is involved?

Shipowners to identify strategic and financial partners

Shipyards to identify innovative, strategic and financial partners

Retailer companies to anticipate trends impacting their business

Insurance companies to develop new products

Financial players to identify attractive financing opportunities

Innovative companies to promote their solutions, meet customers, learn from the market, attract private investors

Why are they joining?

Share and understand the Challenges in the Field
A unique gathering of players all along the value chain to get your question answered.

Detect Innovation Opportunities
Meet with potential partners and innovative companies to capture new value.

Set Up Collaborations and Funding

Meet with financial partners that could support your activities and growth. Detect investment opportunities aligned with your development strategy.


In our collaborative process, strategic partners have shared with us the technical challenges they are currently facing to achieve their eco-transition.
Innovative companies are invited to collaborate in addressing these challenges with their solutions.

Data & AI

Data and AI can deeply support the decarbonization of the maritime industry by optimizing processes and operations.


How can AI be used to improve traffic flow at port entrances and exits?


In addition to open discussions on the expected impact of data, companies participating are encouraged to present their solutions to answer this challenge.  To provide a clearer focus, the specific case of the Marseille port can be assessed.

Boat Data

Carbon Capture

Members of the New Energies Coalition, including CMA CGM, are actively seeking carbon capture and utilization solutions. The chosen solution will undergo a feasibility study followed by a Proof of Concept (POC) within the Coalition.


All solutions are welcome, including:

  • Methods to valorize new processes to reduce CO² emissions
  • Carbon Capture & Utilization (CCU) to replace fossil fuels
  • CCU fuels to transport & store renewable/low carbon energy
  • Techniques for permanently storing CO²
  • Any innovative solutions you wish to introduce to prominent stakeholders in the maritime industry.

Reaching a Vessel's Decarbonization

The decarbonization of the maritime industry will rely on a mix of new energy sources.

Participants are invited to discuss and provide detailed insights into how their solutions and expertise could support the evolution of an iconic vessel from 80% decarbonized to 100% decarbonized.
Participants can introduce their specific technologies and enter into discussions with naval architects and the engineering team working on this vessel.

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Financing Maritime Innovation and Infrastructure for Climate and Ocean

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Innovation Ecosystem Project Manager
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Our first edition of Financing Maritime Innovation for Climate and Ocean action will be held on at the Monaco Yacht Club. The address is: Quai Louis II, 98000, Monaco. You may see it on the plan below. All players will be able to access exclusive conferences, interactive workshops, and high-level networking. Players of the maritime industry will be gathered in Monaco for the Monaco Ocean Week.

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