Blue economy

Our goal is to catalyze the evolution of coastal infrastructures, to effectively face the challenges posed by climate change, while ensuring economic sustainability.

Blue 2

Blue economy

Blue 2

Our goal is to catalyze the evolution of coastal infrastructures, to effectively face the challenges posed by climate change, while ensuring economic sustainability.

What is blue economy

The World Bank defines the blue economy as the “sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, improved livelihoods, and jobs while preserving the health of ocean ecosystem.

For us at Blumorpho, the spirit of the Blue Economy lies in transcending boundaries and fostering collaboration beyond the confines of the ocean-centric focus.

The Blue Economy gathers pre-established verticals, to work in collaboration towards ocean preservation, with a holistic approach. It is mostly a new approach to existing industries.

Our goal at Blumorpho is to create attractive business models to support positive-impact innovation in the blue economy.

With 50% of the World’s population living less than 200km from the coast, and the increasing impacts of human activity on the ocean, global action is needed.

BLUMORPHO is working with a network of key players on the implementation and financing of blue economy solutions on the littoral.

Smart Yacht

The yachting industry’s market value is expected to increase from 8 billion today to over 13 billion in 2030. The demand for yachts has boomed due to a general increase of disposable wealth and a growing interest in leisure and recreational activities. This current market traction is a positive driver to invest in innovation and further develop sustainable solutions. The Smart Yacht rendez-vous is designed to accelerate the transition by gathering key players looking to collaborate and invest in the sustainable transformation of this industry and all along the yacht’s life cycle. It is open to players of the Yachting industry as well as any other industry to generate cross fertilization towards sustainability. Our action is dedicated to highlight & reward existing solutions and innovation, but also to open opportunities for players that could positively impact the transition.

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Costal City

Coastal City Challenge

Due to their heightened vulnerability to sea-level rise, extreme weather events, and the significant economic and population density they represent, Coastal Cities are on the frontline in the fight against climate change. Building up on our expertise, we are committed to building a sustainable future for coastal communities. Cities play a central role in innovation dynamics. By bringing private financing to support innovation adoption, we are building real-life innovation lab targeting both the port, the local ecosystem and the city and its citizens. We work with cities around the world, both in Europe and worldwide.

Smart and Sustainable Marina

We defined Marinas are leisure hubs, resembling micro-cities with harbors, hotels, and restaurants. Governments and promoters favor them for their economic value and eco-friendly focus, creating a multi-billion-euro market.  Smart Marina sets a precedent for environmentally responsible Smart Cities actions, fostering innovative solutions for sustainable marinas and new financial models. In 2023, our key focus was on biodiversity regeneration, energy production and optimisation, marina management, water management, waste management and waterfront construction. In the meantime, marinas and architects are expressing their expectations in terms of innovation, and introducing their current action on sustainability, as well as future projections.

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