Inpho Venture Summit


BLUMORPHO is pleased to further collaborate with INPHO Venture Summit.

INPHO Venture Summit is a unique gathering of top-notch investors and entrepreneurs meeting in a unique venue in Bordeaux every 2 years. Their candid exchanges on trends and value proposition impacting a diverse set of industries lead to investment for positive and sustainable impact for mankind.

On the 13th and 14th of October, leading deeptech investors and decision makers will meet engaging discussions and deep diving into investment opportunities.

At INPHO, we aim to challenge the pros and cons of how deeptech can address upcoming challenges. 

In preparation to this unique summit, a series of digital session “what’s next to invest in deeptech” is designed to challenges technological, business and societal trends that could shape the future and solve tomorrow’s challenges. Those session will nurture collaboration discussion in Bordeaux.

INPHO Venture Summit

Where investors, start-up & corporates meet to invest and shape the future

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George UGRAS
Chairman of INPHO Venture Summit
Investing in early-stage startups is not about addressing today’s issues, it is about fixing tomorrow’s problems.  The next two years will surely look very different than the past two years.


INPHO - OCTOBER 13 & 14, 2022

Gathering 150+ decision makers in companies, INPHO Venture Summit has adopted an efficient and unusual format for “straight forward” and “fruitful” discussions to challenge trends and investment opportunities.
Since its 1st Edition, INPHO Venture Summit has offered a wealth of success stories and participants to INPHO Venture Summit share the same and strong ambition to collaborate and invest to contribute to make the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals the new economy. 

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In Bordeaux

13 October 2022


  • Deeptech tour: Visit & networking



  • Keynote & Panels
  • Pitch by the VCs selected companies
  • Networking

14 October 2022


  • Panel Discussions
  • Braindates
  • Networking
  • Startup award ceremony

Closing remarks and lunch

13 October 2022


What are LP’s expectations to invest in deep tech funds in the current economic, environmental, climate change and societal context?

  • EIF – David Dana, Head of VC investments
  • Isomer Capital – Joe Schorge, Founder & Managing Partner


Panel discussions

  1. What’s next to invest in recycling:
Reduce, reuse, but also recycle …. and more recycling is expected. What are the main challenges to address and what are the expected solutions? Technology, business model…?

2. How is AI transforming Healthcare?
How to integrate it into physiologist day to day work and patient day to day life? What to learn from other industries?

3. How can automation and AI solve challenges in unplugging from China, as well as in supply chain and skills management?

What in automation and AI could be key to invest in to quickly adapt our supply chain and production organization? What could be a relevant time frame?

4. Is semiconductor ready to engage into the green economy in Europe and how?

What will be the key drivers in the years to come? How to balance huge market demand and the green transition ?

5. Are we entering into the new age of InsurTech?

Is the digitalization and transformation of all industries calling for new insurance model?


Pitches by VCs selected companies

The top 10 of the companies selected to join INPHO Venture Summit 2022 will pitch on October 13th and 14th. The winner will be announced at the award ceremony on October 14th.

Topics of interest

INPHO Topic of Interest 1

14 October 2022

Panel discussions

1.  Can AI build a more inclusive society?
Could AI contribute to the S in ESG?

2. Is AgTech the answer to resource shortage ?
In the current economical context, Agtech is rising strong interest. How to deal with energy, water, carbon footprint while solving both resources shortage and sustainability challenge?

3. Where to invest to accelerate energy and decarbonization transition?
The energy transition and decarbonization are on all roadmaps? Who will win the race? Are we expecting new players disrupting this market? How to embrace all different energy sources?

4. How to reach data privacy, security and transparency?
Are blockchain, NFT, web3.0 opening a new paradigm, how could it impact industries?

5. Is Space the answer to our sustainability challenges?
Is Space a niche market or a growth relay to address sustainability challenges? Who could benefit from it?


Braindates - Networking

Session 1 Breakdown​


Quantum computing: from roadmap to scalability

Chemicals & Materials investment – why it is becoming an attractive low capex investment opportunity

Shoot for the moon, the space opportunity – meet with your best partners.

Deep dive into the new age of InsurTech

Accelerate the energy and decarbonization transition – meet your best partners

Session 2 Breakdown​


Post quantum cryptography – the necessary transition

Towards a fully decentralized production capacity – what expected time to market?

Be user and customer-centric in the new data era (Ethical AI, Web3.0, digital health ….)

Biodiversity as a financial asset to invest in

Chips Act, EC and government expectations and new opportunities


Digital Sessions

T.M. Ravi

The Hive

‘Disrupt is AI or be disrupted by fast moving companies. Back office transformation is required moving from ERP to driven SAAS. Scalability of operations implies human + Data + Machine learning’

Vincent Saubestre


Total EP Research & Technology

‘Innovation is a product addressing a need deployed within a new environment. China will become carbon neutral in 2026 whereas Europe is leading on this front. AI = function (Data, Maths, programming, experience…)’

Geoffrey Moore2

Geoffrey MOORE

Author & Advisor

‘From shakeholders value to stakeholders value. Setting up client centric processes … no other alternative. Sustzainability won’t be a differentiator but a requirement’