INPHO 2022 – What’s next to invest in AI?

Digital Session - April 28th 2022 . 5.00 pm CEST

How will AI future be impacted by Ethical AI and other trends like web 3.0?

INPHO Venture Summit is a unique biennial where top-notch investors challenge deeptech investment opportunities to address today but especially tomorrow’s challenges in current tumultuous macro environment. INPHO is deeply appreciated by top decision makers looking to meet their peers, share knowledge and analysis, identify investment opportunities through intensive exchange of views in condensed and efficient sessions.

INPHO Venture Summit is on acceptation only. Open and live digital sessions contribute to nurture upcoming discussions.

Here is a selection of questions addressed during the INPHO Cath&DO “What’s next to invest in AI” by Eric Benhamou, Founder at Benhamou Global Ventures, and T.M. Ravi, Managing Director & Founder at The Hive


If you wish to join INPHO Venture Summit on October 13th and 14th  in Bordeaux, France, and meet with investors through INPHO digital jury from mid July to mid September  to benefit from their analysis and advices, please contact Alice Perez Morillas to validate your eligibility.




Founder at Benhamou Global Ventures

TM Ravi The hive

TM Ravi

Managing Director & Founder The Hive