“Get Inspired… They are Innovation!”

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Putting the spotlight on inspiring industry leaders & innovators

This is your monthly rendez-vous. With a more digital life comes a greater desire to reconnect. This is the idea behind the They Are Innovation series – an intimate fireside chat with business leaders to guide your next steps. At BLUMORPHO we are convinced from Day 1 that one of the main triggers to reach world class Innovation and to grow Innovation Champions is by articulating rich open innovation ecosystems which gather recognized technical experts, serial entrepreneurs, leading investors, corporate decision makers and more. While in the last decade innovation has undeniably accelerated, waves of new disruption are still to be expected and will impact many industries even further.

Connecting the dots

New technologies, new business models and new emerging players will drive these waves. Disruption leads to uncertainty, new risks, and as a consequence the necessity to make decisions even more quickly and smoothly to capture new value opportunities. Our monthly Rendez-vous They Are Innovation has been especially designed for you to meet with your peers, to inspire and to get inspired. We are experts in deep-tech, emerging technologies and market analysis. Our positioning allows us to generate in-depth cross-fertilization across industries and define new value propositions. They Are Innovation is your own cross-fertilization exercise with key players among the innovation communities and especially the ones that have a vision. You will learn best practices and hear success stories to learn how to capture value in the best way and drive the next disruption waves.
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Official Launch March 2021

“History reminds entrepreneurs that a crisis period extracts the best out of them and forces them to build even better companies.”

Eric Benhamou
Founder & Managing Director - BGV