Meet with customers, strategic and financial partners active on the deployment of Smart & Sustainable Marinas.

Introduce your innovation to a unique network of Marinas promoters, architects and public decision makers.

2022 Key Figures


Meetings organized


Jury members


Innovation in the Marina industry, 1 award


Industries & Investment Players


Countries represented

Marinas are currently looking for new solutions to support their sustainable transition. We are scouting startups in the categories below. 


Biodiversity regeneration


Energy production


Energy optimisation


Marina management


Water management


Waste management


Waterfront construction

Introduce your solution to enter the process and be selected in your category. Get the opportunity to pitch your solution live.

Learn more about Sustainable & Smart Marina.

Have you met...

Karpaz Gate Marina Liza Singer 3

Liza Singer

Managing Director,

Karpaz Gate Marina

During this exclusive session, you’ll have the opportunity to engage directly with Liza Singer, Managing Director of Karpaz Gate Marina, and dive into her wealth of industry expertise. You can ask any burning questions you may have and receive feedback straight from the industry. If you haven’t already done so, feel free to introduce your solution right here, and we’ll make sure Liza receives all the information in advance.

This session will take place online, on July 4 at 3pm CEST.  You will need to be registered to receive your personal link and attend. For any question, please contact

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Meet the innovation jury

Marina managers


José Marco Casellini

Monaco Marina Management​
jury 15

Audrey Luciani

Managing Director

Monaco Marina Management

Marina Manager, Flisvos Marina, Greece

Stavros Katsikadis

President of the Board, Greek Marinas Association and Managing Director

LAMDA Marinas Investments S.M.S.A.

Marina Manager, Habacoa Marina, Bahamas

Ra'anan Ben Zur


Habacoa Marina

jury 8

Martinho Fortunato

CEO (and Chairman of ICOMIA)

Lagos Marina


Bernard d’Alessandri

General Secretary
Yacht Club de Monaco
jury 10

Oscar Siches

Global Marine Business Advisers

Liza Singer

Liza Singer

Managing Director

Ilker Ongul

İlker Öngül

Technical Services Manager


Mariluz Rivero

Commercial Director


Samer El Adem

Head of Sales

jury 13


Yachting Venture

jury 16

Areti Priovolou

HSE Officer

jury 15

Audrey Luciani

Monaco Marina Management



Ouafia Djebar-Brookes

Architecte DPLG


Richard Coutts


jury 1 3

Morph (TBC)


jury 1 copie 2 1

Mad Architects (TBC)

jury 1 copie 4 1

Norton (TBC)


Søren Øllgaard

Søren Øllgaard

Directeur de la conception et architecte


sylvain makaya EURAZEO

Sylvain Makaya

jury 6

Alice Besomi

Directrice d’investissements

jury 20

Daniel Emersleben

Investment Director

jury 2

Jean-François Trecco

Business Angel, head of Mediterranean pole


Emmanuel Gouraud

Dealflow Manager


Dale Galvin

Founder and Chief Executive Officer 

jury 1 4

Sandrine Sauval


jury 19

Klaus Kummermehr


jury 1 copie 8

Ignasi Ferrer Pellicer

Executive President & Founder

jury 21

Adrian Bührer

Managing Partner


Jonas Skattum Svegaarden

CEO, CIO and General Partner 

jury 1 copie 9

Andreas Schulze

Managing Partner

jury 1

Kamesh Raghavendra

Chief Product Officer

jury 1 5

Gérald Mathieu

Managing Director Head of Private Bank Europe and Middle East CEO 

Tobias Sproehnle

Tobias Sproehnle

Angel Investor

Sebastien Sanchez

Sébastien Sanchez

Monaco United Advisors MFO

Monaco Unites Advisory 

Samantha Durante Avizou durante

Samantha Durante Avizou


jury 1 copie

Reece Pacheco

Partner, Ocean-climate investor and startup builder


Michael Schuler

Senior Key Account Manager Aviation and Yacht Finance


Anne Lebreton-Wolf



Vincent Guyot

Investment Analyst

jury 1 copie 5

Amy Novogratz (TBC)

Managing Partner



Samuel SELIG (TBC)

Senior Investment Associate

jury 1 copie 6

Julie Peyrache (TBC)

Investment Manager

jury 2

Valery Bollier (TBC)


jury 3

Derek Handley (TBC)


Serge Bedrossian

Serge Bedrossian

Partner – Co-Head

jury 4

Beatrix von Schröder (TBC)

Impact Investor


jury 5

Gemma Shepherd (TBC)

Sustainability Analyst

jury 1 copie 7

David Sonnek (TBC)


Navigare Ventures

jury 1 1

Chris Gorell Barnes (TBC)

Founding Partner

Ocean 14 Capital

jury 1 copie 2

Stefan Söderling (TBC)

CEO & Fund Manager

Almi Invest

jury 1 copie 3

Maren Hjorth Bauer (TBC)


Fynd Invest

jury 1 copie 4

Sean O'Sullivan (TBC)

Managing General Partner



11 1

Johann Goineau

Direction innovation


Mitsuko Cordasso

Sales Director – in charge of innovation scouting
Nicolas Leterrier Schneider

Nicolas Leterrier

Customers, Innovation and ONE Labs global VP chez Schneider Electric

jury 3

John Lim Ji Xiong

Executive Director – Digital & Innovation


jury 1 7

Karim Selouane

CEO & Funder

Marc Hervás

Marc Hervás

Sustainability Coordinator



Colleen Schutte

External Venturing

Peter Lukassen

Peter Lukassen

Circular Economy Manager

jury 1 copie 11

Matt van Leeuwen

Chief Innovation Officer

jury 1 copie 2 2

Melissa Foo

Head of Ventures at Sunway iLabs

jury 1 copie 12

Yohei Kiguchi

Founder and CEO


Tim Aidan Halter

Senior Manager Corporate Development

jury 1 copie 15 1

Pascal Goumault

Director of Sustainable Mobility Programs & Partnerships

jury 1 copie 16

Olivier Tridon

Business Angel,  Expert in green strategy and water management

jury 1 copie 12

Yohei Kiguchi

Founder and CEO

jury 1 copie 13

Sander Cohan

Innovation Manager

jury 1 copie 15 1

Pascal Goumault

Director of Sustainable Mobility Programs & Partnerships

jury 1 copie 13

Sander Cohan

Innovation Manager


Tim Aidan Halter

Senior Manager Corporate Development

jury 1 copie 13

Sander Cohan

Innovation Manager

jury 1 copie 13

Sander Cohan

Innovation Manager



Olivier Wenden​

Managing Director

Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation

jury 14

Frédéric Genta

Country Chief Digital Officer

Monaco Extended

Captain Nigel MARRISON

Captain Nigel MARRISON


Captain Nigel MARRISON

Captain Nigel MARRISON


Captain Nigel MARRISON

Captain Nigel MARRISON


Captain Nigel MARRISON

Captain Nigel MARRISON


Captain Nigel MARRISON

Captain Nigel MARRISON


About the Smart & Sustainable Marina Rendez-vous

Monaco Smart and Sustainable Marina’s third edition aims to showcase innovative start-ups, marinas, and architects, providing an exchange platform for creating sustainable and smarter marinas. With 75% of the world’s population projected to live in coastal regions by 2035, and the yachting sector rapidly expanding, this event is crucial in finding solutions that positively impact our planet.

The Smart and Sustainable Yachting and Marinas represent a multi-billion investment market driven by high eco consciousness and for which many innovations and circularity are expected including in biodiversity regeneration,
energy production ans optimization, waterfront construction, marina management, water management and waste management.

We are thrilled to collaborate with forward-thinking individuals who share our commitment to driving positive impact. Our participation in this powerful ecosystem allows us to connect with key stakeholders who possess remarkable spirit, energy, and resources to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. As the players in the Smart Marina and Sustainable Ecosystem embrace their leadership roles with greater awareness, we are honored to be part of this dynamic community of changemakers, and are looking forward to welcome new innovators to drive change. 

As an innovator, apply and benefit from our 4-level business development package:

  • Inclusion in the Smart & Sustainable Marina e-catalog
  • Introduction to targeted customers & investors
  • Live pitch opportunity as a finalist
  • Meet with marina promoters, architects, industrial professionals & investors looking to achieve their sustainability goals.

Innovation Call Process

Enter into the selection process

Get ready
Ask your questions

Join a series of open-webmeting to guide you through the selection process to join the E-Catalogue and benefit from investors and industrials jury.

These open web-meeting will address all your questions.

The 2023 E-Catalogue will be first introduced to Marinas and Architects participating in the 2023 Award.

The E-catalogue will be showcased to more than 10,000 decision makers of the Monaco Yacht Club ecosystem – A participation of €600 (before tax) will be requested to selected companies.

August & September
Industrial and Investors jury & Grand Oral for Startup Award

All the selected companies will individually meet with 3 jury members and pitch their solution. They will receive feedback to further build collaboration and raise capital.

A finalist will be defined by category and invited to the Grand Oral.

24-25 September
Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina Rendezvous,
Award Ceremony

Join this unique Ecosystem day designed for you to interact with Marina promoters, architects, industrials and investors to grow your business.

Benefit from a unique press coverage.

The Monaco Smart & Sustainable is live now!

The final event will be held on September 24 and 25, at the Monaco Yacht Club. The address is: Quai Louis II, 98000, Monaco. You may see it on the plan below. All selected companies will be able to access high level conferences, interactive workshops, and be able to showcase their solution to industry players on the exhibition area. The marina and yachting industry will be gathered in Monaco, right before the Monaco Yacht Show. We are looking forward to welcome you in Monaco. 

Previous editions

This year marks the third edition of the Smart & Sustainable Marina. You can discover below all the highlights from 2021 and 2022. Every year, new companies enter the process. Thanks to permanent discussion with the marina and yachting industry, our process is evolving in order to build the smartest and most sustainable future. Join the process and make your contribution to this transition.

Success stories

Following the Smart & Sustainable Marina, IADYS Jellyfishbot was adopted by the award-winner, Flisvos Marina: "At Flisvos Marina, the environmental protection and the use of innovative technologies, are two of the main pillars of our strategy. Therefore, for depollution and preservation for the marina sea water, we use the Jellyfishbot by IADYS technology, a robot/drone that collects floating waste and oil from the water surface."
See in e-catalogue
Solar Cloth
Following the Smart & Sustainable Marina, Solar Cloth technology was implemented in the Yacht Club de Monaco. "The flexible solar fabric takes part in the Yacht Club's sustainability approach to optimise energy usage linked to nautical events". William Borderie adds that Solar Cloth wants to "inspire new generations".
See in the e-catalogue
Ocean Ecostructures
MB92 Barcelona has adopted Ocean Ecostructures' technology: "One of the pillars of our sustainability plan is a commitment to improve water quality and biodiversity in and around our facilities. We are pleased to announce the recent installation 10 Life Boosting Units (LBU) created by Ocean Ecostructures. These bioregeneration structures are designed to boost biodiversity and the number of species in the area by up to 60%. With an accompanying app, we will be monitoring their growth and nearby species."
See in the e-catalogue
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