Become an exclusive RAMP integrator, the cloud-based Industry 4.0 Digital Twin service and Robotics Marketplace.

‘’Robotics to accelerate factories’’

The mission of RAMP is to give European Manufacturing Companies access to the tools and services they need to deploy a Smart Manufacturing strategy, optimise their resources, lead times and serve more customers. More than 30 integrators have already experimented with RAMP and deployed services in production. But the market needs are far bigger, and with an 18,5% CAGR*, we won’t meet the customer demand alone.



RAMP is building a European network of exclusive business partners.



You can now join RAMP and leverage on the cloud based digital service to deliver Industry 4.0 capabilities to your customers. As an approved RAMP integrator, you will get free access to a library of intralogistics components, deploy data visualisation services and build a digital twin in a SaaS model.


We are collecting expressions of interest from European Integrators in Robotics IoT and Logistics to join the RAMP labelled network.

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This call for expression of interest is addressed to European Small and Medium Technology Solution providers / System integrators in logistics, robotics and IoT delivering value through Smart Manufacturing. 


New business opportunities

Reinvent intra-logistics

As an approved RAMP integrator, you will have free access to the factory intra-logistics Automation Library. The library contains all the components needed to reinvent your clients’ logistics, allowing cost effective deployment of small, flexible logistics solutions with no infrastructure changes required.

Deliver data visualization

The RAMP factory dashboard is an online data visualization tool that lets you view real-time and historical data from your factory. The IoT Platform provides you with an open and secure IoT infrastructure for connecting factory devices and use services in the RAMP Marketplace.

Build a digital twin

Thanks to the RAMP digital twin, you will literally deliver superpowers to your customer. This is the move from digitisation to digitalisation and your customers will reach the next level in performance execution.

Build a long term connection with your customer

RAMP allows you to be in continuous contact with your customer, giving access to their daily business, allowing you to provide upgrades and offer new solutions on a regular basis.

Increase your visibility and enter into a European Marketplace

As an approved RAMP partner, you will enjoy the visibility on a Marketplace powered by a Europe-wide network of Digital Innovation Hubs. The Platform is designed to connect integrators with Manufacturing Companies. As an Integrator you will be able to reach new customers faster and enjoy access to a far larger market.

In a nutshell you will benefit from:

  • Access to Advanced robotics software solutions
  • The ability to deliver higher value solutions at lower cost and faster to market
  • A bigger broader customer base
  • Better insights on your customs

Ermira VODO

Lean & Open Innovation Manager

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 824964. DIH² 🇪🇺

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