A global leader in the field of medical imaging is looking for its future partner for the production of casing for its next generation of sensors.

A development phase will be necessary including a technology transfer from a research organisation and will start in Q1-2022. A period of 6 months is anticipated before entering into a pilot phase followed by a ramp up.

The component is a lightweight rigid structure with typical dimension in the range of 400x500x15mm. It will be composed of a thermoset matrix, foam elements and a thermally/electrically conductive element. The technology transfer will be focussed on the integration of this innovative element into the overall architecture.

The casing needs a good finish quality. It should look smooth, without porosity, as well as it should be totally flat. The flatness tolerance is 0,5 mm (± 0,25mm) for the dimension listed above. The overall mass of the device is targeted below 750g. The structure should remain rigid: the deflection should not be more than 1mm under a 1200 N load.  The overall structure must be transparent to X-rays.


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