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A total of 271 articles was published over 19 countries:

US (113), Canada (51), France (7), Monaco (12), Spain (2), Italy (15), UK (15), Sweden (2), Morocco (3), Greece (10), Germany (1), Israel (1), Netherlands (1), India (6), South Korea (2), Thailand (1), UAE (1), China (18), Singapore (3), others (7).

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Sunday 25 September

Opening of the Monaco Sustainable Smart Marina, and presentation from the Architects. 

Keynotes and presentation from the Marinas. 

Monday 26 September

Keynote speeches (Monaco Marina Management, Fondation Prince Albert II, Crédit Suisse).

Panel discussion: Business value brought by positive impact and sustainability.

(Matterwave Venture, Eurazeo, D-Marin, Schneider Electric) 

Panel discussion: Diving into the Blue Economy. 

(Crédit Suisse, Sustainable Ocean Alliance, MB92)

Panel discussion: marina and architect nominees presentation.

Award ceremony and conclusion of the 2022 edition. 

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