Monaco Sustainable Smart Marina 2022

Meet with customers, strategic and financial partners active on the deployment of Smart & Sustainable Marinas. Introduce your innovation to an unique network of Marinas promoteurs, architects and public decision makers ​

Get ready for 2023

Following the success of this 2022 edition, we are looking forward to the next one.
Hosted right before the Monaco Yacht Show, we will meet again at the Yacht Club de Monaco on the 24 & 25 of September 2023.
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A catalyst for innovation

The second edition of Monaco Smart and Sustainable Marina aims to highlight the start-ups, marinas and architects in order to promote the innovation and know-how of international industry players. While demographic forecasts estimate that over 75% of the world’s population will be living in coastal regions by 2035, and given the yachting sector is expanding fast around the world with new destinations and marinas coming on stream, Monaco Smart and Sustainable Marina provides a unique exchange platform to put forward tangible solutions to build, design and innovate virtuous marinas.

An attractive market opportunity

The Smart and Sustainable Yachting and Marinas represent a multi-billion investment market driven by high eco consciousness and for which many innovations and circularity are expected including in water management, data security, energy generation and management.

Smart Marinas as a role model towards Smart cities

With thought leaders we share ambition and actions to drive positive impact. We are delighted to be part of such a powerful ecosystem gathering key people with amazing spirit, energy and assets to reach Sustainable Development Goals. The players of the Smart Marina and Sustainable Ecosystem  are specially looking in biodiversity, energy optimization, water optimization, waste reduction, security, mobility, new materials or infrastructure and equipment.

2021 Edition

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  • 250 participants coming together at the Yacht Club de Monaco     
  • An E-catalogue of 55 startups in 8 categories selected by M3 & Blumorpho
  • An International Jury of 32 members
  • 162 introductory meetings 
  • 41,305 people reached on LinkedIn
  • 25,996 people reached on Twitter
  • More than 50 press articles (international media coverage)

Benefits for innovative startups

As innovation provider you can benefit from a 4 levels business development package:

  • Be selected to the Smart Yachting and Marina e-catalog that is promoted to more than 10 000 players on the Yachting and Marina’s industry.
  • Be introduced to selected targeted customers and investors part of the Smart Yachting & Marina to receive feedback on your solution.
  • A chance to be part of the 15 companies selected for the Grand Oral for the selection of the 3 most promising Awarded companies
  • Meet with with Marina promoters, architects, industrials and investors looking for innovate solutions to achieve thier sustainability goals.

Innovation categories

We are selecting startups active in:

  • Water protection and optimization
  • Waste management
  • Energy optimization and renewable energies
  • New materials for construction
  • Biodiversity protection
  • Security of people and cybersecurity
  • New mobility
  • Equipment
  • Infrastructure

Innovation Call Process

Enter into the selection process

Get ready
Ask your questions

Join a series of open-webmeting to guide you through the selection process to join the E-Catalogue and benefit from investors and industrials jury.

These open web-meeting will address all your questions.

Before May 15th
for the E-Catalogue

The 2022 E-Catalogie will be introduced to Marinas and Architects participating to the 2022 Marina Award on Sustainability.

The E-catalogue will be showcased to more than 10,000 decision makers of the Monaco Yacht Club ecosystem – A participation of €500 will be requested to selected companies.

June & July
Industrial and Investors jury & Grand Oral for Startup Award

All the companies listed in the E-catalogue will select 3 jury members at their own choice and will receive feedback to further build collaboration and raise capital.

A finalist will be defined by category and invited to the Grand Oral.

25-26 September​
Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina Rendezvous

Join this unique Ecosystem day design for you to interact with Marina promoters, architects, industrials and investors to grow your business.

Benefit from a unique press coverage.

Looking for sustainable growth by innovation?
We look forward to engaging disruption with you.
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