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Do you have the DIH² Factor?

DIH² believes in the power of robotics to transform the agility of manufacturing in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and drive economic growth across the European Union. Put simply, we aim to accelerate factories through robotics.

To facilitate this ambition, we now want to give selected start-ups access to Venture Capital Investors through the DIH² Factor in association with BLUMORPHO.

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DIH² Factor: Introducing the jury

What is it about?

We’re looking to find future champions in Robotics and Agile Manufacturing. We’ll work with them to improve their investment readiness and the best candidates will go forward to a live pitch event in June 2023 in the presence of VC Investors.

DIH² Factor is open to start-ups and scale-ups (from seed to series A) in robotics and AI for manufacturing and logistics that are considering Venture capital investment as a strategic step for their growth.


Eligible start-ups should fit one of the following criteria:

  • Robotics:
    You have developed generic and versatile hardware that can be applied across many different vertical businesses.
  • AI and data:
    AI and/or data management are the cornerstone technologies of your products.
  • Human centricity:
    Your developed solutions offer enhanced interaction between robotic systems and operators, i.e.: ‘human centricity’ is one of the main Value Propositions.
  • Sustainability:
    Your proposed solution in software or hardware supports customers in achieving their ESG goals.
  • Logistics:
    Your main business focus is on warehouse management and/or factory intralogistics.
  • Decentralised production and Microfactories:
    You provide solutions and tools for efficient local production implementation.
  • Other:
    If your business doesn’t exactly fit the above categories, don’t worry – apply as “other”, describe your area of expertise and we’ll be in touch to learn more.


Feedback on Investment Readiness

Every applicant will receive feedback and recommendations from the BLUMORPHO experts on the application form.

Publication in our e-catalogue​

All applications forms will be published in a e-catalogue that will be promoted by DIH² and made available from multiple platforms. ​

Visibility through webinars​

A series of webinar will be organized to promote a selection of companies​

Matchmaking and one-on-one introduction

to Venture Capital investors

Pitch visibility​

We will give visibility to your pitch through our process and from the DIH² linkedIn account​

Participation to our live web-event​

The best pitches will be given a live stage in our online web-event in June 2023​

Process to join networking, e-catalog and competition


Start-ups and scale-ups introduce their company through the application form. ​


All applications will be reviewed and our internal team of experts will deliver feedbacks and recommendations to each applicant who will have the opportunity to adapt the application form.


An e-catalogue will gather all the selected companies, it will be promoted through the Digital Innovation Hub network.

Matchmaking and Selection​

The applications will be promoted to a panel of investors and corporates who will select the companies they are interested to meet with. The companies receiving traction will be invited to the next steps.​

One-on-one introduction​

Online introductory meetings will be organized where start-ups and scale-ups will open discussion with investors or corporates to potentially initiate an investment or collaboration opportunity.

On-line events

A series of live on-line events will be organized where founders will share their vision on the future of manufacturing and robotics for the European industry, these events will be promoted through social networks and broadcasted live on linked in through the DIH² account. A final on-line live event will be organized in June where the best companies will receive higher visibility.

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