Enter in collaboration with a global supplier of industrial equipment.

Low expansion coefficient cast iron for high temperature operation

An industrial company, leader in its field, is developing new products with the aim to minimize their environmental impact. BLUMORPHO is looking for the strategic partners who will enable this transformation.

The current products are made of standard cast iron parts with an expansion coefficient of 11. 10-6 /°C. We are aiming at an increase in working temperature from 130°C to 200-250°C while maintaining the mechanical tolerances and mechanical properties of the system. 

We are looking for a supplier of cast iron alloys with reduced expansion coefficients that could permit an increase of working temperature while maintaining mechanical properties. The material must permit good castability and machinability.



Innovation Call Process


before February 7th 2020

If you apply before January 23rd 2020, you will receive a feedback from BLUMORPHO

Selection process
before February 18th 2020

Your application will be carefully reviewed by our team

in early March

The selected companies will be introduced to the client
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