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Circle Call


A large corporate, leader in its field, developing and manufacturing utensils for professional cleaning

is looking for its future partners

to reinforce its sustainability strategy by materials, circularity and digitalisation.

We are looking for Start-ups, SMEs, Large corporates or Research Organisations to tackle challenges in the fields of materials (textile & hard plastics), circularity, logistics or digital solutions. The objective is to initiate partnerships in concrete use case scenario and deploy the solutions in a timeframe of 1 to 3 years. All kinds of partnerships can be considered. The innovation by cross-fertilization is welcome, consequently, unless specifically noted, the proposed technologies do not necessarily need to be proven in the area of cleaning but have potential for transfer. The objective is to operate in a large volume market and products are distributed worldwide; the scalability of the solution is an important criterion.

7 new business opportunities

Recycled or renewable material in textile

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Our customer is producing microfiber wipes and mops from a variety of materials in non-woven, woven and knitted textile. The ultimate goal for our client is to offer products made out of recycled or renewable materials. The priority will be given to microfibers and yarns. We need to partner either with suppliers of microfibers, yarns or textiles, technology experts with IP or know-how in the fabrication of microfibers, yarns or textiles. Raw material such as resin could be acceptable as well. For the latter, if necessary, additional partners will be involved to produce the yarns and textiles. The material processing from the source to the yarn should also be environmentally friendly.

Recycled or renewable materials for hard plastics

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Our customer is producing injection moulded parts mostly out of Polypropylene (PP) and in a lesser extent Polyamide (PA). The ultimate goal for our client is to produce similar parts made out of recycled or renewable materials. We are looking for experts (research organisation, suppliers…) in raw material and knowledge in the related injection processes.

Circular Design

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The strategy of our customer is to evolve from a linear to a circular value chain. It requires a change of paradigm in design to enable a take-back process of products from point of use to recycling.

Textile being considered as obvious, for this challenge we are looking for design experts or design concepts to develop « fit for circular » products our of plastics and metal.


  • Fit for circular: we are looking for expertise to support our customer in the design principles to develop circular products
  • Joining/assembly for hard plastics and metals: we are looking for technologies or mechanical concepts which will enable easy, tool-less assembly, ensures a sturdy connection over the lifetime of the products and allows easy disassembly of metal and/or plastic parts

Circular value chain implementation

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The strategy of our customer is to evolve from a linear to a circular value chain. For this challenge, we are looking for our future partners for the implementation of a take-back service.

  • Reclaimers or logistic solutions. The objective is to collect products at their end-of-life, manage the logistics to a recycling factory that will transform the material and reinject it into the value chain. More specifically, for textile, the products are used in professional environments including healthcare. The future partner should be capable to handle wet and/or potentially contaminated textiles.
  • Recycling partners to close the cycle.

The model will be implemented in short term in Europe or Russia, the logistics and recycling partners should operate at least at a regional level in this geographic area. Applications from all over the world are nevertheless welcome.

Hygiene sensing solutions

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We are looking for means to measure or assess the level of dirt/cleanliness of a surface using dedicated sensors and strategies. Ideally, we are targeting the detection of invisible dirt which could be split between detection of fat or an estimate of the bioburden. These sensors or systems could be used as a control means in the cleaning efficiency, or as detectors of dirt.

Potential strategies could involve quick sample analysis, all kinds of sensors (deploy and forget), portable devices…

Disinfection/Sanitation method

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The question of surface sanitising/disinfection has become an increasing concern. Efficient disinfection is normally performed with chemicals. We are looking for effective disinfection methods or systems capable to achieve a better than log 3 reduction. The method should be either chemical-free or leaving no residues on the treated surface.

Reusable packaging solution

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Shipping a large number of products can generate a significant amount of cardboard. We would like to identify a packaging concept that would be designed for reuse minimising the impact on weight or dimensions compared to the current packaging in use. The typical dimension of the boxes would range from 20x20x20cm to 50x50x120cm.




Smart Sustainable Marina


Join an attractive growing market by meeting with customers and investors looking to invest in smart and sustainable technologies going from Smart Marinas to Smart Cities.


You will find those Key Decision Makers involved in our Jury and will have a chance to engage directly with them if you are selected to be listed in the E-Catalogue. Please refer to all the details of the selection process here below.

Our Jury Members


Nicolas Leterrier

Nicolas Leterrier

Schneider Electric

Customers, Innovation and ONE Labs global

BOURCERIE Julien 2 resized 2

Julien Bourcerie

Bouygues Construction

Head of open-innovation & Corporate Venture

Arnaud Pingat

Arnaud Pingat

Groupe Pingat


Peter Lukassen

Peter Lukassen


Circular Economy Manager

Philippe Sajhau

Philippe Sajhau


Vice Président IBM France
Metropolitan Program Leader

Matthieu Horgnies

Matthieu Horgnies


Research Specialist through open-Innovation


Dr Elisabeth Schrey


Investment Manager


Andrew Shannon - bio photo

Andrew Shannon

Circularity Capital

Founding Partner


Sylvain Makaya

Sylvain Makaya





Klaus Kummermehr




Jerome de Richemont

Jerome de Richemont

Blue Pelican Capital

Founding Partner


Maarten ter Keurst

Maarten ter Keurst

Pureterra Ventures

Director of Investments



Fernando Sandoval


Enel Innovation Hub Europe Manager


David Lerouge

David Lerouge


Head of innovation

Bernard d'Alessandri

Bernard d’Alessandri

Yacht Club de Monaco

General Secretary

Marco Ardigo

Marco Ardigo

Credit Suisse

Managing Director

Michel Buffat

Michel Buffat

Credit Suisse

Head of Aviation & Yacht Finance

M A SANZ 2019 4

Miguel Angel Sanz


Director of Strategic Development

David-Pierre Mangiapan

David-Pierre Mangiapan

NGE Connect

Sales Director

_DSC0691_LR_Séverine Baudic_SBM Offshore_by Ivan Blanco RZ

Séverine Baudic

SBM Offshore

Managing Director, New Energies & Services

F. Genta Photo 2020 RZ

Frédéric Genta

Monaco Government

Member of Monaco Government in charge of digital affairs and Country transformation

Christophe Degoumois

Christophe Degoumois


Vice President, International Sales

Olivier Wenden

Olivier Wenden

Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation

Managing Director

Pierfranck Pelacchi

Pierfranck Pelacchi

Société Monégasque de l’Electricité et du Gaz 

Sales Director – in charge of innovation scouting

Marc Lavine

Marc Lavine


Founder of Hydrogen and a Service Group

The organizations you will meet with…

Monaco Jury & Sponsors(9)

At BLUMORPHO, we are very honored to collaborate with Monaco Marina Management, organizer of the Smart Yachting & Marina day of meetings. This action is dedicated to bringing together key players, investors, developers, manufacturers and innovators to promote development of environmentally friendly, efficient, attractive and user friendly marinas that are also lively places where people want to be.

Supported by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the event is being hosted by Yacht Club de Monaco, a platform to promote and communicate initiatives in favor of an approach to yachting that fully respects the environment, both at sea and ashore

As innovation provider you can benefit from a 3 levels business development package:

☑ Be selected to the Smart Yachting and Marina e-catalog that is promoted to more than 10 000 players on the Yachting and Marina’s industry.

☑ Be introduced to selected targeted customers and investors part of the Smart Yachting & Marina to receive feedback on your solution.

☑ A chance to be part of the 15 companies selected for the Grand Oral for the selection of the 3 most promising Awarded companies.

High selection & visibility

The initial application is open to all and will be evaluated by a panel of key industrial leaders, VCs, Monaco Yacht Club, Monaco Principality and Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation.

Easy process

A selection of min. 50 technology providers will be showcased within the Monaco Smart Yachting & Marina 2021 E-catalogue addressed to more than 10,000 decision makers of the Monaco Yacht Club ecosystem - A participation of €500 will be requested to selected companies.

Get introduced to 3 Jury members at your own choice

All the companies listed in the E-catalogue will select 3 jury members at their own choice and will receive feedback to further build collaboration and raise capital.

The Awards Ceremony on September, 20th

Value your differentiation: Be part of the 15 finalists joining Grand Oral to win an invitation to Monaco Ocean Week in March 2022 with a high visibility during Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marinas convention on the 20th of September. Engage with Monaco Principality players and other Marinas.

Monaco Smart MARINA 2021 Process

The Smart and Sustainable Yachting and Marinas represent a multi-billion investment market driven by high eco consciousness and for which many innovations and circularity are expected including in water management, data security, energy generation and management.

Smart Marinas as a role model towards Smart cities – Leverage and build your business

We are really pleased to introduce this new initiative to you in the field of Smart and Sustainable Cities. After a deep analysis of the Smart City market, we came to the conclusion that Smart Cities business will be driven by sustainability challenge and will grow from niche markets with real investment capabilities. We are thus very excited to join a new initiative dedicated to invest in Smart and Sustainable Yachting and Marinas, playing a role model in the implementation of Smart and Sustainable cities.

At BLUMORPHO we are very honored to support the emergence of this market through a world class and unique ecosystem while structuring the entire innovation value chain. Through this initiative you will be able to connect with your upcoming customers and investors, to convince them about market opportunity, your unique value proposition and differentiation.

Bernard d’Alessandri, General Director of Monaco Yacht Club interviewed by Richard Attias, Executive Chairman of Richard Attias and Associates at Tourism Recovery Summit – Riyadh, May 2021

Contact us for more information:

Ermira VODO
Lean & Open Innovation Manager

Join our information web session on 4th or 17th of June 2021.

Detection and Classification of Particles in Liquid Drug Product

In the current state of the art, the inspection technique is based on line camera and image analysis. 100% of the production is inspected with a minimum speed of 600 containers per minute. Each container is filled with 3ml of a water-based drug product.

Datasets generation and annotation

Multiple use cases are considered by our client, the final image to be analysed can be produced from a smartphone or an embedded camera into a consumer product. Each use case could generate specific constraints that will require a dedicated dataset.

Antimicrobial touch surface

We are looking for solutions that can be applied to both soft and hard touch surfaces. The substrates for surface treatments can be metal, plastic, glass, wood, leather or textiles including non-woven fabrics.

TRUMPF Sustainable Technologies

The TRUMPF Group is looking for collaborations with start-ups developing or providing innovative solutions in sustainable technologies and smart factory, including the evolution from hardware to services businesses.

MtoM payment

This open call is the first phase of a selection process that will lead you to an industrial partnership. At this stage, no confidential information should be shared. After the closing of the call, a shortlist of candidates will be selected before February 18th.

Advanced traceability solutions

BLUMORPHO is looking for the strategic partners that will implement an advanced traceability solution.

Detection of the status of vacuum lines

BLUMORPHO is mandated to identify a solution to monitor the status of vacuum lines…