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We Have More Than 20+ Years Practical Experience

BLUMORPHO is founded by a team of experts who joined forces and gathered a unique set of skills and expertise in technology, business, marketing, strategy, design thinking, access to finance, open and lean innovation.

Geraldine ANDRIEUX

– Founder & Chief Executive Officer –
Geraldine is recognized expert in Innovation and Disruption Management to generate value from research to market. Expert in molecular biology by education, she has always been fascinated by  the concepts of DNA, ecosystems and energy that she turned into models to drive disruption. She loves exploring new areas to generate creative and sustainable solutions. She is enjoying a bit of craziness and communicative positive energy to push the boundaries to open new pathways to make disruption happen.


– Chief Technology Officer –
With his insatiable scientific curiosity and his ability to turn challenges into opportunities, Regis has developed unique know how to generate business and technical differentiation. Open-minded and creative, Regis is a recognized problem solver. Entrepreneur with PhD in material engineering, his work is generating IP and know-how.

Delphine LUISADA

– Chief Data Officer –
Delphine is in charge of one of the key BLUMORPHO assets: our data and network management composed of 70 000 reactive and relevant contacts in BLUMORPHO scope of activities. Delphine rhymes data and statistics with creativity and marketing. She is adapting her strong expertise in B2C best practices to BLUMORPHO industrial disruption landscape.
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“Together we aim to make disruption happen for a smarter and more sustainable future generating value for all”
Géraldine Andrieux -Blumorpho
Geraldine Andrieux
Blumorpho Founder & CEO
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