Enter into collaboration with Evonik and Beiersdorf to grow your business through development cooperation, Go-To-Market partnership and access to funding in the field of Sustainability

Evonik and Beiersdorf acknowledge that sustainability goals will be reached through a holistic vision and a systemic approach, involving multiple levels in the value chain acting together and sharing a common goal. That’s why Evonik, one of the world’s leading specialty chemicals companies, in partnership with Beiersdorf, inventor of modern skin care and one of the leaders in the field, launch the EVONIK BEIERSDORF VENTURE FORUM. This initiative aims to open collaboration opportunities for start-ups delivering solutions for sustainability and exploring corporate venture capital investment opportunities.

More specifically, Evonik and Beiersdorf plan to collaborate with or invest in companies with a high level of differentiation and strong value proposition in sustainable raw materials for skin care, packaging as well as digital solutions to improve sustainability. 

Sustainable raw materials

We are looking for start-ups offering sustainable raw material solutions produced from non-fossil based, renewable and biodegradable resources. All the ingredients involved in cosmetics will be addressed: specifically, lipids, surfactants, fatty acids, propellants for aerosols, natural colorants for liquids and bio-polymers to give some examples.

It is important that the production processes and material sources minimize negative environmental impacts and are economically sound. The processes should be energy efficient and preserve natural resources. Biotechnology (fermentation, enzyme catalysis…) or green chemistry are of great interest. Raw materials produced from waste or CO2 are examples of solutions (not limited to) that we could explore.

Sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging is an important challenge. We would like to explore potential collaborations with start-ups focussed on developing packaging materials for cosmetic bottles and jars that are more sustainable in that they are recyclable or reusable, for example.

Bio-based and recycled material

Paper-based or bio-based solutions like cellulose, starch or their derivatives are of interest as well as additives that would improve the recyclability of PET and Polyolefins. Innovative solutions for labelling PE and PP are also welcomed, keeping in mind the need to simplify the recycling steps.

Barriers for Water and Oil

In combination with the solutions discussed above, it is also important to partner with innovators offering effective barrier materials for water and oil. We are looking for the partners who offer films, coatings or additives that will improve the barrier properties for polyolefin and future natural packaging materials. Recyclability of the considered material is highly welcome.


Finding an alternative (to VOC) propellant gas is one of our objectives. But we would also consider partnerships or investment in innovative aerosols packaging technologies.

Digital solutions for sustainability

For EVONIK and BEIERSDORF, digitalisation plays an integral role to deliver sustainable products. Smart solutions to optimize processes in production or improve logistics are among the contributors for sustainable operations in a circular value chain. We want to open discussions and initiate partnerships with start-ups offering smart solutions to improve the carbon footprint in the supply chain and for packaging recycling. Consumer engagement solutions are highly relevant and worth an investment.

The collaboration of two leaders in the cosmetic value chain is a unique opportunity to initiate a long-lasting partnership, pooling resources and generating impact multipliers.

Have you met...

Jens Busse 1

Jens Busse

Investment Director Evonik Venture Capital
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Thomas Satzinger

Vice President Strategy Evonik Care Solutions
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Thomas Raschke

Team Leader R&D – Startup Scouting & Portfolio Management – Beiersdorf
During this open webmeeting, they will first introduce themselves, and explain their motivation for strategic and financial collaborations in the field of sustainability. But they will especially answer all your questions so you can further assess collaboration opportunities.
Jens Busse

Jens Busse

Investment Director
Evonik Venture Capital

Thomas Evonik

Thomas Satzinger

Vice President Strategy
Evonik Care Solutions

Raschke 2022

Thomas Raschke

Team Leader
R&D – Startup Scouting & Portfolio Management


Innovation Call Process

Enter into the selection process
To enter the selection process, please fill in the application form, so your company can be introduced to Evonik and Beiersdorf’s team. We strongly encourage you to start your application form as soon as possible.
To guide you through the selection process, the Evonik and Beiersdorf’s Venture teams will introduce you to Evonik and Beiersdorf’s activities and to Evonik and Beiersdorf’s Venture investment policy during an open web-meeting where the topics of interest will be detailed.

20 April to 10 May 2022

Pre-selected companies will be invited to send a more detailed presentation. All applicants will receive feedback from the BLUMORPHO team. Companies expressing their interest in collaborating with Evonik and Beiersdorf late in the process might not have the time to be evaluated by the Evonik and Beiersdorf team.

Invitation to Evonik – Beiersdorf Sustainability Day 8 & 9 June 2022

Among the selected companies for collaboration, 15 will be invited to join the Internal Joint Open Innovation Evonik and Beiersdorf in Germany to introduce their activities to the Evonik and Beiersdorf’s Management, Business Lines and Business Units and to define a collaboration roadmap during dedicated meetings.



Evonik is one of the world leaders in specialty chemicals. The company is active in more than 100 countries around the world and generated sales of €12.2 billion and an operating profit (adjusted EBITDA) of €1.91 billion in 2020. Evonik goes far beyond chemistry to create innovative, profitable, and sustainable solutions for customers. About 33,000 employees work together for a common purpose: We want to improve life today and tomorrow.
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Evonik Venture Capital

With a fund size of €250 million, Evonik Venture Capital (EVC) has made about 40 investments since 2012, both direct and fund investments. EVC has offices in Germany, the U.S.A. and China and invests in innovative technologies and disruptive business models in the fields of Nutrition & Care, Specialty Additives and Smart Materials, as well as enabling digital technologies. The EVC team of experienced investment managers provide portfolio companies comprehensive support. The investment scope ranges from early stage to growth stage with investment volume per portfolio company of up to €15 million.


Beiersdorf has stood for innovative, high-quality skincare products as well as pioneering skin research for nearly 140 years. Leading international brands such as NIVEA, EUCERIN, LA PRAIRIE, and HANSAPLAST are valued by millions of people worldwide every day.

The Hamburg-based company generated sales of 7,025 million euros and an operating result (EBIT) of 828 million euros in 2020. Within our business strategy C.A.R.E.+, sustainability plays an integral role. With our ambitious Sustainability Agenda, we are driving the transformation of skin care along the whole value chain – from innovative, sustainable product design to the sourcing of sustainable ingredients and the efficient production in our factories to the end of our products’ lifecycles.

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OSCAR&PAUL Venture Capital

OSCAR&PAUL is the platform for all internal and external ventures at Beiersdorf. While OSCAR&PAUL Mastering Corporate Indie Brands develops new brands and business models from within the company, OSCAR&PAUL Beiersdorf Venture Capital focuses on corporate investments in external strategic opportunities. True to Beiersdorf’s entrepreneurial DNA, OSCAR&PAUL Beiersdorf Venture Capital invests in innovative companies and start-ups, establishing long-term partnerships to drive the impact of disruptive technologies, new business models and skin care innovations.

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