Enter in collaboration with a global supplier in industrial equipment

An industrial company, leader in its field, wants to identify its strategic partners to design a new range of connected industrial equipment aimed at a seamless integration in an industry 4.0 environment. We are looking for hardware and software solutions to implement connectivity and machine learning algorithms.

From the hardware standpoint, the system must deliver basic IoT functions (send or receive data), embed at least Wi-Fi and BLE connectivity. LTE and/or NB-IoT connectivity might be considered as well. The system will also perform local computation. The hardware must collect the data generated by the equipment (industrial bus), if necessary, additional sensors can be considered (i.e.: vibrations). An add-on hardware system will be considered in the early stage of the implementation to consider deployment on legacy products.

In the long term, these features could be integrated in the future product. From the software standpoint, we want to detect early-stage failure modes and implement predictive maintenance algorithms.

These hardware systems will be installed on a broad range of products. These products have complementary functions but work independently. The implementation of connectivity and the availability of all the datasets in real-time will enable a new level of process control. Indeed, to ensure the reproducibility and stability of the industrial process we want all the products to perform as a single self-adaptive system. We are looking for expertise and software to develop this Cyber Physical System solution. Technically, the objective is to implement a multi-element closed loop control system/algorithm.
The equipment will operate 24/7. The environment can be considered as difficult for RF transmission. Cybersecurity should be taken into account.

To achieve these goals, we are looking for competencies in:
• Data science
• Machine learning
• Edge computing
• Predictive maintenance algorithm implementation
• Self-adaptive systems
• Digital twins
• Cybersecurity for hardware in industrial environment
• Multi-element Closed loop control system

We are looking for advanced solutions that will permit rapid implementation. The connectivity function will be deployed on the legacy basis in a short timeframe, the implementation of the predictive maintenance features will be deployed in a second step. The Cyber Physical System development can be studied from existing datasets and will be studied in parallel.

The customer remains confidential.

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