A business case validation process in a stage gate approach

The business case approach is a relevant method that we have set up as business maker to define the differentiation and facilitate the market introduction. It permits to define:

• What is needed by the market/ industry
• Why is it needed
• How does the solution address such need
• How is the innovation positioned in the environment (taking into account as well regulation, standardization ….)
• What are the expected benefits
• When will the solution be deployed
• How much money, people and time will be needed to deliver the solution and realize benefits

Value creation is
the core of BLUMORPHO
activities and mission

Business maker

Our services as business maker are adapted to our customers’ profiles. We work with research organizations, start-ups, SMEs and large companies. We support value creation all along the innovation cycle. We focus on 4 pillars for successful innovation as highlighted in the following graph.

1. Validated differentiation

BLUMORPHO supports its customers to define and validate their differentiation based on the uniqueness of their technology, offers and business models.

2. Strong IP strategy

Our services include a specific patent analysis to position the innovation in its competition. This analysis will permit to define how to increase the strength and value of the patent. This analysis is conducted by key experts bringing patent databases and specific algorithms for analysis.

3. Access to customers and market

We work on defining and validating the right offer to be introduced to the market in using our specific business case approach for innovation. Our support is adapted to our customers’ activity and their innovation development stage and maturity. We provide a facilitated access to customers and strategic partners in conducting business development support. We work in close collaboration with our customers’ business development and sales team to generate business opportunities and new contracts.

4. Manufacturability strategy

BLUMORPHO provides its industrial expertise to its customers to define relevant productization and industrialization of their innovation. We suports our customers in adopting relevant design to cost and design to production. Our brokerage activity contributes to the identification and selection of the relevant production partner. We can also facilitate access to production pilot lines as supported by the European Commission.