The BLUMORPHO ecosystem for innovation matchmaking

BLUMORPHO accelerates innovation adoption in conducting cross fertilization by joining technology push and market pull actions. BLUMORPHO is structuring an Ecosystem for smart solutions and innovation matchmaking. This Smart Ecosystem is based on:

  • A portfolio of technologies
  • A qualified network and database of industrial contacts
  • Investors to support the reach of specific milestones
  • Our ability to match needs, interest and solutions. We gather industrial needs to introduce them solutions of interest. We have set-up a dynamic, creative and efficient results driven process.

Innovation matchmaking

Our Smart Portfolio

BLUMORPHO accelerates the adoption and investment in innovative technologies in promoting a large portfolio of technologies in the field of smart systems and solutions and providing an innovation matchmaking tool.

Technologies included in the portfolio present key differentiation validated by the BLUMORPHO team and owned by research organizations, start-ups and companies. They are introduced to industrials all along the value chain, identified as potential acquirers of technologies and solutions.

logo-240The definition of technologies that we include in the portfolio deals with:

  • Advanced technologies and solutions
  • Real differentiation
  • IP and know-how

The scope of our portfolio of technologies is smart solutions especially sensors and actuators, biosensors and fluid management, RF and data transmission, power generation and management, energy harvesting, imaging and displays, photonics, robotics, packaging, components and systems, innovative materials and substrates.
Technologies not in this scope can be submitted as well if it makes sense from the industrial and market point of view.
The final selection of technologies part of the portfolio is validated by the BLUMORPHO team to ensure its attractiveness towards the industry and at the portfolio level.

Our Network

Innovation is not only technology but it requires many competencies and capacities.

The identification of production partners and validation partners is part of the success factors for innovation. BLUMORPHO provides services for structuring the value and industrial chains. We are provide our unique network all along the value chain to match needs and competencies.

We are gather in our industrial database all information required to make a relevant and efficient selection of  key partners. We are the trusted 3rd party for successful innovation.

BLUMORPHO is the trusted 3rd party for successful innovation

Innovation matchmaking partner network

Our Database

BLUMORPHO has structured a database of more than 50k contacts at global scale for innovation matchmaking. This database is continuously evolving. It covers the full value chain and a broad range of applications fields.

Our database addresses various vertical businesses.

Innovation matchmaking tool by domain
Innovation Matchmaking by function

We generate the relevant conditions for investment and adoption of innovation. We are the trusted 3rd party facilitating interaction between technology holder and innovation adopter. We translate technology into valuable innovation towards new product introduction.