Some references of organizations that benefited from our support


logo-240Organizations who benefited from our actions considered that we brought added-value to:

  • Accelerate their innovation processes
  • Identify new fields to be investigated
  • Find business opportunities they never thought about
  • Increase their deal flow
  • Drive action at international level
  • Get access to investors and funding

What they say about us


For our start-up company the support of the BLUMORPHO team was essential to sign a contract with an important customer in a new and promising application area.

BiFlow Systems GmbHFounded in 2010 as a spin-off of Chemnitz University, BiFlow Systems GmbH develops and commercializes highly innovative microfluidic solutions that provide a unique combination of properties.


The BLUMORPHO team was able to provide us with the expert specialist advice that was necessary to position the company for the market. Forming the company without BLUMORPHO would have been far more difficult for us.

Anasyst, a spin off Teeside UniversityAnasyst is focussed on commercialising Cavity Enhanced Absorption Spectroscopy for liquid based sensing, optical ammonia sensing and microfluidics based point-of-care diagnostics


The BLUMORPHO team presented interesting companies active in ICT hardware. Europe has vast and important research in the physical sciences, but too often the VC community focuses on software, internet and other areas that are perceived to require lower investment levels.  Such a focus risks missing some really great and significant opportunities. The BLUMORPHO activity is a great step toward counteracting this trend.

Arch VentureARCH Venture Partners provides seed / early stage venture capital for technology firms in information technology, life sciences, and physical sciences.

The BLUMORPHO team introduces me very interesting technologies from all over Europe. It would have take me quite a long  time to identify these technologies, and I am not sure I would have identified all of them. With BLUMORPHO, we gain from 3 to 4 months in our technology scouting activity.

Horiba Jobin Yvon SASHoriba provides services such as nano-level micro-area analysis, to support a wide range of research activities, from leading edge scientic research to R&D in a variety of industries.

BurketBLUMORPHO helped us to identify new technology providers in the field of microsystems, to get closer to them and to establish collaborations with start-ups as well. Thanks to the BLUMORPHO team, we realized a new flow sensor with a wave filter on its surface. This new way of working has enabled us to reduce our time to market.

Bürkert Fluid Control SystemsBürkert is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of measurement and control systems for liquids and gases

BLUMORPHO is a spin-off from the COWIN project

Industrial players, strategic and financial investors validate their interest in COWIN model now applied in BLUMORPHO.


Géraldine Andrieux Gustin, BLUMORPHO CEO, initiated in 2010 the COWIN European action and coordinated this project. In January 2015 she founded BLUMORPHO to further expand COWIN actions. COWIN was a Coordination and Support Action dedicated to the commercial exploitation of EU research projects results in smart systems. The COWIN process generated more than 25M€ investment opportunity for research project exploitation.