BLUMORPHO in the press

INPHO® Venture, the widely recognized Summit to invest in deep tech game changers

October 2018

Inpho summit invest deep tech game changers

Granting easier access to latest innovations in deep tech for European SMEs

July 2018

Gateone for funding European SMEs

Faciliter l’accès des PMEs européennes aux dernières innovations dans les Deep Tech

June 2018

deep tech access for European smes

Selling yourself: 4 tips to attract investment

October 2018

EU Innovation Radar prize: brain keeps on winning on Artificial Intelligence

November 2017

The Leti Days were gathering innovation players in Grenoble, France. Among them, BLUMORPHO.

July 2017

BLUMORPHO is partner of the inSSIght project to offer you a discount to register to the LETI 50 years’ event

May 2017

EU gateone-project helps the European industry mitigate risks when adopting disruptive technologies

January 2017

Gateone project disruptive technologie limiting risks

Inpho® Venture Summit: Europe abounds with innovation; ecosystem maturing…

October 2016


Breaking news … the largest European business enters into Smart Innovation

July 2016

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Companies here are not present (still) the most publicized, but …

March 2016

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Blumorpho is a matchmaker between industrials and technology holders

December 2015

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Yole Développement announces foundation of BLUMORPHO

February 2016

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