The largest European business is entering into Smart Innovation and digitization. More than 35 products addressing the digital and smart market are currently under validation for the first market introduction by 2017.

Those new generation smart products are addressing the 54B€ connected devices market expected in 2020 (source Yole Développement) in targeting more than 7 different industrial fields from the consumer market to security, digital medicine, energy efficiency, smart manufacturing, smart cities and also the agriculture industry. With the first investment of 1,3 M€ funded directly by the European Commission, 200M€ cumulative sales are expected in the 5 years to come.

This largest European business is ready to be the game changer making IoT a real market in tackling all industrial sectors. Such a strategy is supported by its unique European coverage with teams located all over Europe. It benefits also from established collaborations with leading Research Organizations that are LETI (Fr), CSEM (CH), Fraunhofer IPMS (D), VTT (Fi), Ikerlan (Es), Tyndall (Ir), Teesside University (UK), LAAS-CNRS (Fr). They provide facilitated access to their state of the art portfolio of smart technologies and solutions. An Open Innovation and Business-driven Management process have been set up by BLUMORPHO (Fr) accelerator of innovation, to implement this Smart Innovation wave.

The largest European business benefits from strong support from the European Commission (EC) in the scope of the Smart Anything Everywhere initiative in line with the Single Digital Market strategy of the EC for Horizon 2020. This largest European business is not new Facebook, google or multinational at European scale… but it is all the European SMEs since they represent 99% of all businesses in the EU as stated by the European Commission. Since January 2015, they benefit from the Innovation Service gateone-project designed to support their access to smart solutions.

“The entry in smart innovation and digitization of European SMEs will have a key impact and will drastically support European competitiveness” – Willy Van Puymbroeck, Head of Unit at the European Commission DG Connect.

Such innovation actions as gateone-project part of the Smart Anything Everywhere EC action is designed to lead the highly fragmented industrial market in which Europe excels. The success of the gateone-project is to provide access to a free evaluation program of demonstrators to reduce the innovation risk for SMEs and make innovation accessible for SMEs. Gateone-project reduces indeed the technical, financial and market risks. It supports the launch of new products, adds new features in existing products, but also supports the emergence of new markets.

« The gateone-project supported our hardware transition to the Internet of Things. The acquisition of knowledge during the demonstrator evaluation was of great help during our discussions with our customers. » – Eric Jallas, CEO of itk

Itk is an innovative company with a mission to guide farmers in making their transition towards agroecology. Itk provides models and decision support tools so farmers know at any time the state of their crops, their potential yield, as well as their needs for water, fertilizers and pest treatments.

Gateone-project is succeeding in making SMEs entering into the risk to innovate. Such success is based on its fast decision process, a risk release process on a short timeframe and the unique ability to solve on the same time technical issues while supporting access to new customers. After 18 months of action, gateone-project is entering into a new phase to further expand its services.