BLUMORPHO supports technology holders

BLUMORPHO supports technology holders in the commercial exploitation of their innovation. We match the specificity of each technology part of our industrial database with identified and potential needs among our network of industrial contacts. Our brokerage service is based on the expertise of our team combining market analysis, technological evaluation and business development.

Our portfolio currently focuses on smart technologies and solutions. It gathers multiple functions including sensing, data transmission, imaging, autonomy, actuation but also their integration at the component and system level. It can serve needs for IoT and new generations of connected devices. It is dedicated to lead to digital innovation.

BLUMORPHO drives operational actions for technology commercialization

Technology commercialisation

Technology commercialization

BLUMORPHO drives operational actions for technology commercialization. We support technology licensing, technology transfer, the setting-up of new development contracts but also acquisition. We qualify industrial leads for technology adoption while facilitating innovation assessment. Our efficient matchmaking process based on our industrial database and our proprietary tools is part of our uniqueness.