Sustainable Advanced Materials

Sustainable Advanced Materials
February 3rd 1:00 pm CET

Catch & Do #10 Performance VS Sustainability?

Open discussion with Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials. 

On the 3rd of February, Henning Bloech, Global Director Sustainable Solutions at Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials will bring insights on the role of a global leader in advanced materials addressing a wide scope of industrial fields in driving sustainability. He will also elaborate on the challenges and opportunities of developing and implementing sustainable materials and the impact on the distribution of value along the value chain.

Henning Bloech

Global Director Sustainable Solutions Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials

Henning Headshot

Henning Bloech has dedicated his career to moving business towards more sustainable and healthier products and processes. He has run certification programs, led corporate sustainability strategy, and advised organizations on addressing sustainability and environmental challenges.

In 2021, Henning joined Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials (MCAM) as Global Director Sustainable Solutions to execute and drive MCAMs global sustainability and circularity strategy.

Prior to his current role, Henning held various leadership positions in sustainability and environmental performance including leading the SCS Global Services business in Europe as Executive Director, heading strategy and business development of Underwriters Laboratories’ environment business in Europe and Asia as Commercial Director, developing and implementing environmental strategies for INVISTA as Global Sustainability Director, and launching the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI) as its first employee and Executive Director.

Henning Bloech is a LEED Accredited Professional and an Alliance for Water Stewardship Accredited Specialist. He was a member of the WELL® Materials Advisory, a founding member of the Green Products Roundtable (now Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council), a member of the TFM Green Buildings Advisory Board, and of the Outdoor Industry Associations Sustainability Working Group. He currently lives in Göttingen, Germany.

Questions that will be raised during the one-to-one discussion with Henning Bloech:


  • What are the challenges to develop and implement advanced sustainable materials?
    • How to balance potentially higher environmental impacts of advanced materials with their environmental benefits in use?
    • How can we reduce pre- and post-use impacts of advanced and composite materials?
  • What are the primary markets to address? Why?
  • What are the required technologies to achieve sustainability?
  • What is the role of material providers like Mitsubishi Chemicals to drive sustainability?
    • What are the opportunities and responsibilities of all stakeholder along the value chain?
  • How can MCAM collaborate with upstream and downstream stakeholders?


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