BLUMORPHO, innovation partner of Monaco Marina Management, is supporting the adoption and development of the most relevant solutions to address expectations and challenges of Marinas players for the development of New Models of Smart & Sustainable cities.

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Why BLUMORPHO is engaging into Smart & Sustainable Marinas?

Géraldine A. Gustin, BLUMORPHO Founder & CEO:

Smart Cities: The key is to unlock Data flow

Smart city has definitely evolved from a science fiction dream to a trend. This concept is known from decades. Smart cities are expected to offer new services for better life quality with new mobility, new health, new working conditions, new interactions and high level of security.

Based on our analysis, we do believe that Smart cities will emerge from the cross fertilization of different sectors to generate the relevant data. It will especially require data flow and exploitation to be unlocked throughout the value chain while ensuring the right level of personal data protection and security. With such conditions, the real Smart Cities will get born.

Smart cities represent thus a revolution on their own, changing current business organization, overcoming existing industrial and sectorial silos.

How smart cities contribute to a sustainable world?

The emergence of Smart Cities will not be based on digitalization but will be part of the equation to face the climate changes. Indeed the latest climate events – historic flooding in Germany, Belgium and Netherlands, heatwave in Canada and in Europe, major fires in United States and other regions – but also modification on the biosphere with the emergence of new virus and diseases, illustrate quite clearly an adaptation of humans living conditions and behaviors is needed. Driving by Generation Z expectations, the transition has started with strong commitment of corporates and governments to reduce CO2 emission, to engage into new energies, to optimize the use of resources…

Smart Marinas as a role model towards Smart cities

From inception to a new world, at BLUMORPHO we do believe that such evolution will come first from specific places where all relevant conditions will be in place to develop and demonstrate in a very efficient way new Smart & Sustainable models of cities. First successes and their demonstrated positive impact will become the new models to follow, accelerating diffusion in many other places and cities.

While working on such analysis, we have identified the first places from where such innovation and disruption will emerge. They gather all key ingredients: high level of eco-consciousness, motivation to optimize use of resources, water and energy, development of new mobility services, high level of security expected, building sustainable infrastructures with positive impact… Those places are Marinas, especially Marinas organized as micro cities offering various services to welcome population in attractive living conditions.

At BLUMORPHO, from analysis to implementation and new products launch, we are engaging into actions and collaboration with best partners to make disruption happen.


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