Together we will deliver new products, new value and new revenue streams with the Start-up Mode.

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Leveraging the strength of your organization with start-up agility

Leading companies have set up the most efficient organization and roadmap to address their current activities. If such efficiency is part of their key assets, it is also an obstacle to breakthrough innovation. On the contrary, disruption is a mindset driving start-ups. Their main focus is to detect new business opportunities to reach a strong market position in leveraging on their differentiation while offering new value proposition. Start-ups have limited resources so they have to engage into fast decision cycles. The BLUMORPHO Start-up Mode enables our corporate partners to leverage their strengths while adopting the agility of a start-up.

BLUMORPHO Start-up Mode approach to capture value

BLUMORPHO Start-up Mode process is designed so that our partners engage in a new customer-centric process, go beyond their existing products and the expressed customer needs, identify the “forgotten” customers, leverage on market trends and triggers to define new value propositions and new business models. Our corporate partners leverage as well on open innovation to capture additional value through new collaborations. BLUMORPHO Start-up Mode puts in place the right conditions to capture value in leveraging new market, technologies and financial opportunities with fast decision cycles.
Start-Up Mode

What Our Clients Say About the Start-Up Mode

"I really recommend the Start-up Mode approach by BLUMORPHO."

Thanks to the collaboration with BLUMORPHO we have been able to create inside Pfeiffer Vacuum a small start-up to promote a new business model. BLUMORPHO helped us to allocate the right roles among the team members involved. They also assisted us in the elaboration of a new value proposition that we have already tested with large customers. We are now in a larger implementation phase for 2021. I really recommend the Start-up Mode approach by BLUMORPHO.

"All the disrupting players we know have all started from scratch."

It is very challenging for a company to move from one Business Model to a new one. All the disrupting players we know have all started from scratch.
Geoffrey MOORE
Author ( Inside the Tornado, Crossing the Chasm...) / Adviser (Intel, Microsoft, Salesforce, Airbnb, Box...) geoffrey-moore

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