Enter into the sport digital revolution

Webinar organized by BLUMORPHO on Smart System Integration to boost your disruptive innovation thanks to co-funding programs from 30k€ to 70k€

Global sports market is a 90 b€ market. Smart and digital technologies are well positioned to support the growth of the Sport industry in generating new business models. The best way to enter into the sport digital revolution and to capture value is to enter into the playground.

During the webinar, we will highlight examples of sport 2.0 demonstrators:

  • smart gloves
  • performance monitoring
  • entertainment tools with smart camera and augmented / virtual reality

Participants will have the possibility to apply to enter into our BLUMORPHO Factory Acceleration Program. Based on Lean Innovation, BLUMORPHO Factory is designed to accelerate product development while reducing investment and innovation risk. Any companies – start ups, SMEs, large corporation – are eligible to our acceleration programs