SmartEEs, the European Acceleration program, dedicated to facilitating adoption of flexible electronics, has finally been selected by the European Commission and is now active.

This program will support 20 projects, among which any innovate company, SMEs, start-ups and Mid-caps, who will receive access to technologies, services and 60k grants.

The Call is open from 18th of December 2017 to 20th of September 2019, with 5 cut-off dates.

The 1st Cut-Off is the 19th March 2018 

 smartees european project

What to expect from the program:

  • more than 35 flexible electronics technologies, such as organic photovoltaics, flexible displays, OLED lighting, electronics & components or integrated smart systems
  • SmartEEs unique ecosystem composed of leading research organizations, recognized experts in business development and access to funding, as well as more than 34 international clusters, 18 industrial partners and 8 private organizations
  • customized support through a complete set of services from technology to business connections and access to funding beyond SmartEEs acceleration support

How to apply:

  • Check out the SmartEEs Showroom on the web platform
  • Discover & review more than 35 flexible electronics technologies
  • Select & identify the technology(ies) that could bring advanced features/functions to your novel product idea
  • Download & read SmartEEs guidelines
  • Submit your project by email to
  • Language accepted: English