BLUMORPHO has a unique expertise in smart solutions and is active in many key solutions addressing bankable challenges. We bring more than 20 years of experience in microelectronics and smart systems.

We have access to a large portfolio of technologies covering: Sensors (from biosensors, ionic sensors and a large range of physical sensors including motion sensors, force sensors), Imaging, RF solutions, Autonomy, Material and System optimization.

logo-240A challenge is bankable when it fulfils the following criteria:

1. Validated market pull demand
2. Identified economic challenge
3. Existing solutions do not address needs
4. Identified acquirers/ investors


Smart solutions imagingImaging is the new trend. Many functions can be brought at camera level bringing additional monitoring and sensing functions up to the pixel level. From smart and autonomous vehicles to security and health applications, a new technical revolution is emerging in using camera and visual solutions.

Connected Devices

smart solutions, connected devices

BLUMORPHO has access to different technologies required to build next generation of connected devices or Internet of Things IoT for consumer but also industrial applications. IoT is in its early phase. New smart solutions are emerging to strengthen products’ reliability and reduce constraints of use.

Environment awareness

smart solutions for environmentAugmented reality, autonomous vehicles, smart cities, patient monitoring and personalized medicine… they all rely on the same need in environment awareness. The ability to detect change in the environment, gases, obstacles, movement…can be made available through various smart solutions.


Smart solutions, wearableWearables are expected to drive IoT growth following the Apple watch trends. Wearables are evolving from “consumer gadgets” to smart solutions permitting to monitor physiological data for security at home, at work and also to improve health conditions with prevention, early diagnostics and better treatment.

Next generation wearable are currently under development and are a strong focus of BLUMORPHO activities.


Smart solution, autonomyProducts are entering into smartization. Bringing new functions and features while interacting with their environment. The emergence of smart products pave the way for new business models based on data collection and management. To make it not a concept but a reality, high up to full product autonomy is required. Autonomy is needed to reduce user constraints and makes a smart product really usable. BLUMORPHO considers Autonomy as the cornerstone of the smart revolution wave and is this active in this field.


Smart solutionBLUMORPHO identifies and scans promising technologies and approaches so we can work with you on YOUR smart solution. The one that will support your differentiation and leadership in the marketplace. We analyse with you your use case to select different solutions and create with you YOUR OWN SOLUTION and PRODUCT in an Open Innovation Framework.



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