Disruptive innovation for stress monitoring

Webinar to benefit from BLUMORPHO acceleration and investment program

The stress and its impact on our societies is deemed more and more crucial firstly for individuals wellbeing but also for the efficiency of our economies. The increasing burden of mental diseases has been well documented by the World Health Organisation as well as the treatment gap existing in many countries and their economic and societal impacts.

Every year in Europe, around 38% of the EU population suffer from at least one mental disorder. The most frequent mental disorders across all age groups are: anxiety disorders, unipolar depression and insomnia.

The impact of stress on those mental disorders, as well as on learning capacities, social abilities and health at work is now scientifically proven. Many studies are implemented to find out more on how to handle stress negative impact.

Among the shortcomings of treatment solutions available today, researchers emphasize the need for better prevention and follow-up of stress disorders.

The progress of IoT and the development of « quantified self » tools appear as an unprecedented opportunity to improve stress monitoring.

The assessment of stress, and more broadly the identification and measurement of our emotions becomes a very important topic for many researchers and in many businesses. It is obviously an important parameter in the health sector for the monitoring of patients, but also from a prevention view point, in many situations for people at work. Over time, the exposition to stress can turn our normal physiological defense into a negative and potentially harmful mechanism. Beyond these considerations, the assessment of our emotions is an interesting input in marketing, gaming…

In this unique webinar we will introduce hardware as well as algorithmic so-lutions to monitor the response to stress:In this unique webinar we will introduce hardware as well as algorithmic so-lutions to monitor the response to stress:

  • monitoring of cortisol, the stress hormone
  • analyse the symptoms of stress through wearables or external sen-sors.

The webinar will cover the sensors and building blocks required to monitor stress and how these concepts can be embedded in a number of practical cases.

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