You are planning or working on the launch of a new product. BLUMORPHO Product Development Acceleration Program is designed to reduce your development risk by providing the best solutions from a technical, business and financial point of view to optimize your time to market. If you wish to optimize your innovation development in strengthening your differentiation, this acceleration program is the right one for you.

BLUMORPHO is operating under Lean and Open innovation.

You define a specific challenge. BLUMORPHO will provide its technical expertise to address this specific challenge by identifying the best solutions according to your own criteria in terms of function, solution maturity and expected competencies. We will launch Fast Track Open Innovation Competitive Call leveraging on our unique network to identify best solution, resources and partners while managing the designing of a relevant ecosystem for your innovation project. Our acceleration program is designed to ensure the full confidentiality of your project. You will be ahead of competition while strengthening your differentiation.

Benefits of our Competitive Calls

  • Full confidentiality of your project
  • Open new opportunities and approaches to address the defined challenge
  • Detect the « non communicate and non visible » by traditional scouting solutions
  • Access to external resources for improved time to market and larger innovation network
  • Access to our technical and innovation expertise

Optimize your innovation financing by up to 40%.

The BLUMORPHO Factory© is a part of our Product Development Acceleration Program. The BLUMORPHO Factory© is designed to reduce by up to 40% your investment in early stages of the innovation cycle, while accelerating customers commitment.

BLUMORPHO Factory© programs are currently opened. For more information on the BLUMORPHO Factory© and new opportunities, do not hesitate to contact us