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Corporates are collaborating with us to explore, demonstrate and capture value in adopting new technical solutions and innovative business models.

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We operate Lean and Open Innovation. 

We design attractive ecosystems in leveraging on our daily updated network of 50 000 contacts and drive fast decision process into innovation life cycle.


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BLUMORPHO is the official partner of leading corporates

It was a very interesting day with a couple of opportunities for future development. I got some ideas for future improvements of our machines and automation devices, that could help to design them as a part of digital transformation.

BLUMORPHO disrupts to overcome technical and business challenges

We bring our disruptive approach to address complex technical and business challenges remaining under the radar of competition.

BLUMORPHO partners with leading private investors to invest into bankable challenges

BLUMORPHO is partner and co-organizer of INPHO Venture Summit. The hardware private investors conference dedicated to executives who get off the beaten tracks in deep tech and hardware

BLUMORPHO runs early stage acceleration program.

BLUMORPHO is operator of the gateone-project acceleration program. Early stage investment scheme with proven x3 multiple. 2,9M€ invested since 2015, More than 6M€ contracts and funding generated in 2018.

700 Companies in the process – 176 Business cases – 55 Investment decisions

BLUMORPHO runs early stage acceleration program.

BLUMORPHO is committed in supporting start-ups and entrepreneurs with access to best partners and funding.
Serial entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley, Business angels and VCs are collaborating with BLUMORPHO to support companies in their growth strategy.