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With a focus on Smart Factory, Laser applications, Artificial Intelligence, and connected services for industrial applications, the TRUMPF Venture Forum 2018 gathered applications from about 200 companies located in 33 countries. From those applications, the 15 most promising companies for collaborations with the TRUMPF group have been invited to attend the 2 days event in Ditzingen/Germany in October 2018 to discuss development collaboration and go to market partnership with the TRUMPF Group as well as access to funding by TRUMPF Venture.


The selected companies located in Asia, Europe, and the US presented themselves in front of technology-oriented business units from the TRUMPF Group and discussed new business model opportunities and potential collaborations in dedicated sessions.


During the event, the audience consisting of TRUMPF business units and TRUMPF Venture gave their live feedback to the selected companies.


We are happy to congratulate Dibotics for winning the “TRUMPF Award 2018”

“As a company that traveled quite some distance to attend the TRUMPF Venture Forum, we would like to say that our time and travel was certainly well spent. As a small company, it is difficult, actually quite rare, to have such an early and useful exposure to the European market and people. We were also pleased to find so much expertise in our rather narrow and deep technology field. Thank you for a terrific opportunity.”
“Industrial Partners and Investors are both equally important for any startup’s successful development. The BLUMORPHO Team has helped us to find both. Their attention to detail and high professionality is remarkable. If you want to get faster access to the industry and investment opportunities BLUMORPHO is your answer.“
“I participated in two very unique events organized by BLUMORPHO, where I could simultaneously discuss with the R&D teams of top companies to identify their problems and collect feedback on our own business model from their VC arms. Those events were very nicely organized and certainly opened new opportunities for my company.“
“We gained a lot from BLUMORPHO: the team’s support, guidance, and efforts to understand our market, direct and connect our company to the fitting enterprises, experts and forums gave us the boost and added value that is so needed for a start-up company. We thank them for that and looking forward to working with them in the future.“


The German high-tech company TRUMPF offers manufacturing solutions in the domains machinery, Laser technology, and Electronics. TRUMPF is driving the digital networking of the producing Industry by consulting, platform and software solutions. TRUMPF is a technology and market leader in manufacturing machinery for flexible sheet metal processing and industrial lasers.

2015/16 the company generated EUR 2,81bn revenue with more than 11.000 employees. With more than 70 subsidiaries the TRUMPF Group is present in nearly all European countries, in the north and south America as well as in Asia. Manufacturing sites are in Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Austria as well as in Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, USA, Mexico, China and Japan.

About TRUMPF Venture

TRUMPF Venture invests in early-stage and growth companies who are complementing the TRUMPF innovation. As states Dieter Kraft, “the success of our portfolio companies is our success”. Therefore, TRUMPF Venture is taking an active investor role to support the growth of the portfolio companies. TRUMPF Venture enables market access, ease of industrialization and offers the opportunity to cooperate with TRUMPF business units as an option. TRUMPF Venture is positioned as Venture capital investor as well as a strategic partner to create future industrial leadership.

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