We were quite surprised by the results...

We were quite surprised by the results of the competitive call launched by BLUMORPHO to address our specific challenge. In a very short time, BLUMORPHO identified for us 15 new solutions not visible in our own technical watch. Today, our product development team is actively working on 4 solutions that are very promising in terms of opportunities for our company. We see high opportunity to totally change and simplify our technical process.
Confidential - Leading Player - Head of Business Unit

We evaluate and select for you the best Technology partners from the most disruptive domains

Beyond the buzz word, why choosing BLUMORPHO…

We detect the “non visible” breakthrough and valuable technologies

Our Open Innovation process permits to detect “the non visible” that cannot be found on standard databases or on classical web research. We have access to a unique level of information.

We offer a unique process to engage rapidly and at large scale with our International Innovation Ecosystem while keeping full confidentiality on your action.

Partnering with BLUMORPHO is getting access to the International Innovation Ecosystem while remaining under confidentiality and leveraging on strong references and reputation to build strong collaborations. We have built recognized expertise to bring relevant information to evaluate and select attractive technologies and partners to engage collaborations.

We have skin in the game to deliver results

With our pay per value business model, we are designing and operating unique ecosystems for our partners so they are always ahead of competition in having first access to breakthrough and high valuable technologies addressing their specific topics of interest.

We identify, evaluate and select the best solutions to capture new value.

Our clients leaders in their field, are looking for the right team and competencies to enter into collaboration towards disruption. Every call managed by BLUMORPHO are related to strategic innovation projects. For many of these calls, the customer remains confidential during the application phase. We are here to support you to enter in this process, so do not hesitate to contact us for more questions.

Does Open Innovation bring the value you expect of it?