MEET.IT.NOW Overview

MEET.IT.NOW is for KEY PLAYERS in the  European Manufacturing Industry  to have productive web-meetings with selected disruptive start-ups. MEET.IT.NOW gathers a unique selection of start-ups offering cutting edge technologies with market proven solution.

Uniqueness of the European Manufacturing Industry:
  • Improved productivity
  • Systematic quality control
  • Flexibility
  • Health & Safety at work

Supernova Invest's Selection of Disruptors

SuperNova Invest is the leading European Venture Capital in Deep Tech. This selection is based on the European Manufacturing Industry’s dedication to productivity and reactivity, high quality, and the flexibility of its factories. To address these objectives further, SuperNova Invest and BLUMORPHO have selected key disruptors for their cutting edge solutions in the areas of: Surface Finishing, Assembly/Handling, Quality Control, Digital Maintenance, Robotic Guidance, Process & Energy Storage Optimisation.

François Breniaux — Investment Director of SuperNova Invest

First web-meeting in your office

MEET.IT.NOW is designed for leading players in the European manufacturing industry to be informed about key scale-up companies and to conduct productive interactions between the two. Efficient discussions lead to concrete decisions.

Find out more information about the 2019 Selection and start preparing your meetings with the scale-up companies that raise your interest.

How it works

Receive a snapshot of scale-up companies
Prepare your own selection
Introduction via web-meeting

Book a 5-minute call with us!

Book a call with Yohann, Innovation Developer from the BLUMORPHO Team, and discuss what MEET.IT.NOW can do for your company.

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83% of industrial companies who have taken part in web-meetings with the
selected companies value their high differentiation and uniqueness.

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Corporates are collaborating with us to explore, demonstrate and capture value in adopting new technical solutions and innovative business models. BLUMORPHO designs attractive ecosystems in leveraging our network of more than 50 000 contacts and driving a fast decision process into an innovation life cycle.