7 July 2017
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On June 28 and 29, the Leti Days celebrating LETI 50 years were gathering innovation players in Grenoble, France. Among them, BLUMORPHO.
The 700 participants and 20 keynote speakers coming from Horiba, Renault, Engie or the European Commission are attesting the success of the event celebrating the 50 years of LETI in Grenoble, France. On the 29, the space was divided in 3 routes: The Digital Revolution; The Environmental Transition; New Frontiers for Healthcare.

A success story

BLUMORPHO was there, exposing 3 of the 46 demonstrators issued in less than 2 years from the gateone-project: The Moovlab connected Boxing Glove, Kompai the connected healthcare assistant and the Alpride/ IDO Data bag to locate the victims enabling distress signals in the absence of network, exposed to show the success stories of the European project launched in 2015 by Géraldine Andrieux and Régis Hamelin, respectively CEO and CTO of the Deep Tech innovation accelerator, BLUMORPHO.
Géraldine Andrieux captured the moment to present the evolution that the company is initiating. In the plenary session of the early afternoon, BLUMORPHO announced that innovation and co-financing opportunities are available for any company engaging into deep tech product and solution.
For each innovation project, technical and economic expertise is gathered at the early stage of the innovation cycle from inception to first clients.


This is the official launching of the BLUMORPHO Factory, following gateone-project success. The main goal expressed by the CEO is value creation by innovation exploitation. It’s about taking disruptive innovation to its optimization widening possibilities. To compensate technical and market risks in early phase of innovation, BLUMORPHO offers to act as a mediator and developer to make the transition between the ones who have market access, and the ones who have technology bringing differentiation to the targeted market. This model is a real disruption itself as it has been able to generate dedicated ecosystems for each innovation, to reduce development time and accelerate market introduction. The official launch of the BLUMORPHO Factory following the success of the Gateone-project has generated a tangible enthusiasm at the end of Geraldine Andrieux’s presentation. This keen interest found its accomplishment in the one-to-one meetings with the present experts.
The statement is prosperous for the one who expected to do networking, discoveries or to initiate new partnerships. The 50 years of Leti will have permitted to give an impulse to the decisive turn that represents the BLUMORPHO Factory.


BLUMORPHO accelerates innovation in Deep Tech, Digital and Smart Systems. It drives specific programs for any organizations looking for disruption including new business models, new products, new usages and new markets. The BLUMORPHO brings its unique process and expertise in business intelligence Unlike incubators or accelerator programs that invest in promising startups, BLUMORPHO focuses on reducing the technological, market and financial risk of adopting innovation. BLUMORPHO uses a sophisticated set of algorithms to manage its marketplace ‘Offer-Match-Demand’ exchange process, which stores a portfolio of 200 innovations, 42,000 corporate contacts, 7,400 startups and 460 investors, as well as 20 years’ technology and market expertise.