BLUMORPHO drives actions for commercial exploitation

of technologies towards innovation

Innovative Technologies

We are working on innovative technologies in smart solutions and smart systems in providing:

  • Definition of unique value proposition
  • Identification of most relevant business models in a creative approach
  • Acquisition of specifications for products development roadmap.

Working on the exploitation of innovative and disruptive technologies, we are structuring the value chain in a product oriented approach for value creation.

Innovation is solution generating value by its exploitation on the market

Lean innovation

Our Differentiation

Our differentiation for innovation business support is based on the adoption of Lean Innovation combined with the market, technology and industrial expertise of our team inherited from more than 20 years of activities in the smart technologies business.

We drive commercial exploitation of technologies at different levels of maturity from labs to pre-commercialization in adopting the Minimum Viable Product approach. We have track records of customer acquisition for leading research organization, European projects, start-ups, SMEs and companies. We adapt our process to your solution maturity to generate first and strategic customers.

Specific services are offered to entrepreneurs, start-ups and research organizations to address your specific needs. Contact us for detailed presentation of our services

logo-240Lean Innovation by BLUMORPHO is inspired by the Lean startup method dedicated to develop businesses and products. Lean innovation shortens product development cycles by adopting a combination of business-hypothesis-driven experimentation, iterative product releases to meet the needs of early customers. Lean innovation reduce the market risks and sidestep the need for large amounts of initial project funding and expensive product launches and failures.

BLUMORPHO’s differentiation for Business Development Outsourcing

Accelerate customer development

We accelerate customer development in using our unique network of 50k contacts and our expertise in smart systems. Based on our expertise and contacts process, we qualify industrial leads and identify their needs, rationale for interest and expected collaborations.

Maximize new business opportunities

We generate larger business opportunities while screening a broad range of applications and companies. Our Lean Innovation process permits to multiple contacts and market testing in combining targeted customer acquisition and open innovation approach. We cover more than 24 different industries all along the value chain.

Define competitive

Our marketplace process and market testing contributes also to define your competitive positioning as expressed directly by your potential customers. We define your unique value proposition and your best market and strategic positioning.

Increase Investment
Readiness Level

Our customer acquisition process generates new contract opportunities and also permits the implementation of a relevant development roadmap with validate trajectory. We are validating qualified leads’ business cases for investments  in your solutions.

Customer development with lead qualification by BLUMORPHO

picto_mainsA lead is an industrial expressing interest to invest in your technology. For each opportunity identified, the lead is qualified as follow:
  – Company interested in your technology
  – Contacts and positions
  – Rationale for interest
  – Targeted market
  – Key specifications they are looking for
  – Type of investment they are considering