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Digitization, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence are example of new economic models pushing the electronic industry to reach further progress in computing performance. While the Moore’s Law will very likely reach economic and quantum mechanical limits, the BOSCH group was looking for the right solutions to invest in to lead next generation computing paradigm.

BLUMORPHO approach

BLUMORPHO team engaged collaboration with the BOSCH group and its Business Unit to identify, evaluate and select the most promising technologies and partners for collaborations. BLUMORPHO assessed 150 selected companies from more than 24 different countries. They all presented attractive solutions to bring breakthrough innovation in next generation computing. This action has been driven in close collaboration with Robert Bosch Venture Capital team. Among the 150 evaluated companies, 15 have been invited to meet with Bosch Group business units.
Interactions have been organized with Robert Bosch Venture Capital team and BOSCH Group business units.
Each selected company has been prepared to reach high efficiency in its presentation while addressing BOSCH strategic topics and through its interactions with the BOSCH Group Business units.


To generate the right momentum for open innovation, this action has included the organization of the BOSCH VENTURE FORUM. Integrating such event in the course of the action permits to stimulate interest for new innovative topics and decision making process for external collaborations. The BOSCH group has invested in 2 companies and enter into business collaborations discussions with the 15 companies invited to meet with Bosch Business Units.
BLUMORPHO has become the Official Partner of the BOSCH VENTURE FORUM.

We have closed investment round

BLUMORPHO helped us as collaboration partner to identify and to select 15 outstanding companies out of over 140 applications to our action. This of course was only possible by utilizing their great industry network and a BLUMORPHO team which supported us to perfectly organize and execute. Following this action, we have closed investment round in Syntiant, and Zapata Computing, 2 companies selected through this process.
M. Heribert UHL - Senior Investment Director at ROBERT BOSCH VENTURE CAPITAL