inSSIght is a new European Coordination and Support Action aiming at fostering successful integration of smart systems in a broader spectrum of products and applications.

The major objectives of inSSIght are to:

  • secure the position in European policies of Smart Systems Integration (SSI) as a key enabler for innovation;
  • support the Smart Systems Industry and Community in Europe as represented by the European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration
  • open new market opportunities for SSI by responding to the needs of the demand side.

Furthermore the project will unveil and promote new functions and advantages enabled by the integration of Smart Systems with existing products and processes. As consortium partner of inSSIght, BLUMORPHO aims at attracting and involving user communities for smart systems integration by organizing interactive webinars and workshops to showcase the opportunities of SSI.

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Webinar 1: Cyber Security and the Internet of Things (IoT) – Threats and Opportunities

If all experts agree on the tremendous and promising development of the IoT, they also unanimously agree on the security challenges at stake. To reach its potential economic impact of $3.9 to $11.1 trillion/year (Mc Kinsey), the IoT companies and start-ups will first have to deal with privacy and cybersecurity issues. By now, 70% of IoT devices are considered as hacking vulnerable and by 2020, about one-quarter of enterprise attacks will have been initiated from IoT (source: Gartner). Those risks are definitively disincentive to the IoT market expansion and need to be properly addressed.

This webinar helps you to find out more about best practices and available solutions to deal with those challenges. Cybersecurity experts will be interviewed during this webinar to define:

  • What are the main cyber holes that are easy to attack and exploit?
  • What are the solutions currently addressed to solve those lacks?
  • How to turn cybersecurity threats into a business opportunity and at what level of the value chain?

Cybersecurity experts

Webinar Outputs

When asked what were the main attacks that raised their interest and illustrates IoT security holes, our experts mentioned the MIRAI attack which demonstrated that IoT devices are not attacked for themselves but for the access their security weaknesses give to the all system. Billions of devices on the market can’t be updated anymore because such a functionally wasn’t even designed from the beginning. Too many devices offer paths to attacks the system. The management of keys and secret words is also another major security issue and blockchain could be a good alternative tool to manage the secrecy in each device.

But the weaknesses in cybersecurity policy is not only a technical one as manufacturers and developers are still not really aware of the risks they create. Unfortunately, although some progresses have been made, new products are still designed with a marketing point of view only regardless of security and privacy issues which come afterwards.

In order to prevent cybersecurity from hampering new societal and business opportunities, it becomes crucial:

  • to increase the system’ resilience ability by developing new security tools

If there is no unique and perfect solution, we can see that some industrials have already integrated mandatory security issues in their innovation process, relying on strong risks analysis. Considering the risk already identified, the best solution today may be a mix of hardware secured element and user authentication at the SE level. Furthermore, progress has to be made in the use of advanced cryptographic solutions. The development of blockchain technology is a way forward as it can offer highly secured applications for IoT developers.

  • to improve developers and consumers awareness concerning the risks of cyber-attacks

The return on investment for our societies and for entities investing in cybersecurity will come in the form of safety. Latest reports on the WannaCry attack’s cost talk about several billion dollars. « Cybersecurity is going to be the insurance policy of the next decade. »

  • to implement EU regulations to create minimum standards on cybersecurity and to impose data protection solutions to manufacturers

In September 2017, the EC adopted a cybersecurity package to further improve EU cyber resilience and response. Meanwhile several initiatives are working on a European cybersecurity standards. Increasing the security requirement will improve the quality of the products on the market. As there is no unique solution, security standards have to be carefully thought and designed for any sector and each application.

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Webinar 2: Boost your innovation in the biomedical sector with innovation acceleration programs

Take part to the Biomedical Industry Mutation with co-creation and co-funding programs

Health is our most important asset and smart systems can help the healthcare & biomedical industry extend the boundaries of knowledge and care. Advanced technologies will help those industries improve their efficiency and productivity. Smart Systems are paving the wato personalized medicine which has never seemed so close and we definitively need more innovation to come to reality in this sector. 

Friday 8th December, 1pm CEST, this free inSSIght webinar organised by BLUMORPHO will introduce you to open funding opportunities and innovative concept products.

Webinar 3: Enter into Sport revolution with innovation acceleration programs

Enter the playground of the Sport digital revolution with co-creation and co-funding programs

Smart and digital technologies are completely reshaping business model in the sport market. If you want to be part of this revolution, our innovation acceleration program can  accompany you in your innovation process with grants up to 70k€.

Friday 15th December, 1pm CEST, this free webinar organised by BLUMORPHO will highlight examples of sport 2.0 demonstrators open for funding and co-development.

Webinar 4: Regulation on Data Management

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Webinar 5: Smart Manufacturing and Predictive Maintenance

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Open Lab like Workshops

EFECS: European Forum for Electronic Components and Systems

5-7 December 2017, Brussels

inSSIght Open Lab Workshop Blumorpho, open innovation accelerator

EFECS is the international forum with a focus on ‘Our Digital Future’ along the Electronic Components and Systems value chain in Europe. The event is organized by AENEAS, ARTEMIS-IA, EPoSS, ECSEL Joint Undertaking and the European Commission.

EFECS gathers all stakeholders in one conference to:

  • Share the vision and strategies of industry leaders
  • Set the future direction for technical innovation in Europe
  • Encourage collaborative projects across the Electronic Components & Systems’ Community
  • Demonstrate innovative activities across the sector

During the EFECS conference, BLUMORPHO organised the 1st inSSIght Open lab like Workshop and showcased the success stories of the H2020 Innovation Action gateone-project. Participants can directly test several smart systems’ demonstrators on the booth of project. These demonstrators were developed by European RTOs based on the demands on European SMEs.

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The Coordination and Support Action inSSIght has received funding from the European Community‘s programme Horizon 2020 under GA number: 731665