EU gateone-project helps the European industry mitigate risks when adopting disruptive technologies

BLUMORPHO, an innovation and business accelerator for companies involved in smart technologies, today announces that its EU-backed gateone-project has overseen the fast-track development of 35 innovation projects since the three-year program began in 2015. These include Swiss-based F&P robotics’ flexible pressure sensors on its humanoid robot – recognized for its high agility, French-based itk’s IoT solutions for improved crop management and German-Serbian Nissatech’s smart knee sensor to rehabilitate patients following knee surgery.

Join a unique ecosystem of top managers leading the industry and investing in photonics and smart technologies

Since 2008, Invest in Photonics has attracted more than 500 European participants, 50 international keynote speakers, more than 80 VCs and Corporate funds, more than 60 start-ups seeking investors and more than 100 million Euros in investment.
Recognized as the major European event supporting investment in photonics, Invest in Photonics is also evolving to become the place where financial and strategic investors meet to support and invest in future technologies and in the champions of tomorrow.

Some of the key thought leaders you will hear from include:

  • Jean Marc Bally, General Manager at Aster Capital
  • Raffi Garabedian, CTO at First Solar
  • Pierre-Guy Therond, Head of Technologies at EDF Energies Nouvelles
  • Nicolas Leterrier, CTO at Schneider Electric
  • Pierre Laroche, Group VP Research & Technology at Legrand
  • Dieter Kraft, Investment Partner at Robert Bosch Venture Capital
  • Elon Musk (Live remote video), CEO TESLA
  • Anne Laliron, Innovation Strategy Manager, PSA
  • George Ugras, Managing Director at IBM Venture Capital Group
  • Christian Reitberger, Partner at Wellington Partners
  • Xavier Niel, General Manager at FREE
  • Amir Elbaz, CEO at iPhotonix
  • Julian Lucek, Distinguished Systems Engineer at Juniper Networks
  • Paul Thurk, Managing Director at Arch Venture Partners
  • Nitan Patak, Institutional Business Development at European Investment Fund
  • Hyunchul Jeong, Investment Manager at Samsung Ventures
  • Ethan Pierse, Managing Partner at NEST Ventures
  • François Badoual, TOTAL Energy Ventures
  • Kyung H. Yoon, CEO at Talent Age Associates
  • Stephen B. Alexander, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at CIENA

This year’s program focuses on open discussions to identify the key challenges to invest in:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Mobility & Smart vehicle
  • Innovative medicine
  • Datacom & Telecom

INPHO® Venture Summit organizes pitching sessions so you can introduce your activity and investment opportunity to strategic and private investors. You will thus strengthen your visibility before and during the event.

Why register?

  • to learn from emerging and promising technologies that will shape the futur
  • to discover the champions of tomorrow
  • to close round table by meeting with investors and co-investors
  • to detect investment opportunities to define the bankable challenges
  • to focus on in lively discussions

Inpho’ Team

Inpho is lead by a team of experts: Audrey, Géraldine and Hervé will be your hosts during the event.


Géraldine ANDRIEUX


All applicants to the pitching sessions will receive concrete feedback. You will also get individual coaching by BLUMORPHO to prepare the pitching session in getting access to our technical, market and financial readiness expertise. Additionally, BLUMORPHO will organize for you one-to-one meetings with key players participating in the event.

INPHO Venture Summit: Industry leaders insights on emerging new economies and opportunities in our fast-changing digital world

The face-off between investors and global industry players on key market issues in datacom/telecom, mobility, energy management, and personalized medicine, as well as disruptive technologies.

The largest European business enters into Smart Innovation

he largest European business is entering into Smart Innovation and digitization. More than 35 products addressing the digital and smart market are currently under validation for the first market introduction by 2017.

Those new generation smart products are addressing the 54B€ connected devices market expected in 2020 (source Yole Développement) in targeting more than 7 different industrial fields from the consumer market to security, digital medicine, energy efficiency, smart manufacturing, smart cities and also the agriculture industry. With the first investment of 1,3 M€ funded directly by the European Commission, 200M€ cumulative sales are expected in the 5 years to come.

Better production environment

BLUMORPHO enables the digitization of any kind of industry in addressing key challenges such as cybersecurity, pyrotechnics or bearings