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INPHO® Venture Summit which took place 11th and 12th October 2018 in Bordeaux, France, established itself as an undisputed worldwide reference summit for private investors and corporate executives investing in deep tech hardware to shape the future and keep ahead of the competition.

As highlighted by Georges Ugras, Managing Director of AV8 Ventures and Chairman of INPHO® Venture Summit: “INPHO® 2018 was a very successful event thanks to the amazing entrepreneurs who showcased many exciting deep tech companies. We saw a variety of credible approaches to address challenges in automation, healthcare, security and industrial systems and hope all investors and corporate partners found the conference informative.”

A view shared by many key players attending the summit. “The INPHO® Venture Summit had a great mix of venture capitalists, executives, start-ups founders and government representatives. The summit format and agenda made it easy for me to meet and talk with the other attendees. I was especially glad to see many the start-ups in the “tough/hard” tech category, which I believe is the foundation for future innovation in other sectors.” said John Suh, Vice president and founding Director of Hyundai Centre for Robotic-augmented Design in Living Experiences (CRADLE).

Awarded start-ups developing cutting-edge technologies

For this 6th edition of INPHO® Venture Summit, among 200 applications, 24 start-ups developing cutting-edge technologies had been selected by the INPHO® Venture Summit editorial committee composed by George Ugras – Managing Director of AV8 Ventures and Chairman of INPHO® Venture Summit 2018, Jean-Marc Bally – Managing Partner at Aster Capital, Dieter Kraft – Managing Director at TRUMPF Venture, Jean-Louis Malinge – Partner at Arch Venture Partners, Paul Thurk – Managing Director at Arch Venture Partners, Christian Reitberger – Partner at BtoV and Aymerik Renard – General Partner at Hardware Club.

The selected companies competed for the INPHO® 2018 Award through pitching sessions where they were invited to showcase their unique value proposition and differentiation.

UltraSoC won the title of the ‘most promising company’ along with the €5,000 Award, sponsored by Alpha RLH. UltraSoC embeds analytics into any semiconductor. UltraSoC allows chip companies and their customers to optimize performance, eliminate bugs, save power, improve cybersecurity, enhance functional safety. UltraSoC has proven product-market fit, great customer traction & fast-growing revenue. Customers include Intel, Huawei, Microsemi, Alibaba …. This promising company is addressing the strategic challenge in high-performance computing and is awarded for its attractive solution.

The second and third most innovative companies, LLTech and CellSeeQ, both address the challenges of early diagnosis and personalized medicine.

LLTech creates cellular activity data that identify cells type and enable machine learning automated diagnosis. From a biopsy, LLTech’s technology determines in 2 mn and with a 96% or higher accuracy if the cells are a benign tumour, malignant tumour, inflammation or normal cells. It addresses personalized medicine (biopsy adequacy in radiology), as well as surgery and drug development. The company plans to have its first FDA registered unit within 7 months.

CellSeeQ develops a disposable chip that isolates circulating tumor cells or foetal cells from blood, including on-chip sample prep, digital PCR measurement of the cell content and advanced lens-free cell imaging, therefore providing a sample-to-result solution for clinical cell sorting applications. This true innovative chip design will transform the medical device playing field.

No doubt that those companies will follow the path of their predecessors as PROPHESEE, the winner of INPHO® Venture Summit 2016, providing neuromorphic vision system and that launched, last spring the first revolutionary artificial vision system to be integrated in Industry 4.0 solutions: Onboard™. Since their participation to the 5th INPHO® Venture Summit in 2016, $40 million had been invested in PROPHESEE.

Beyond those prized companies, all the participants in the INPHO® Venture Summit were winners as 195 one-to-one meetings between investors and start-ups took place enabling each participant to discuss collaboration and investment opportunities.

Among the key players that were there to start negotiating potential deals, Alibaba Cloud, Airbus, Hyundai CRADLE, Hardware Club or Atos, to name a few, were very impressed by the quality of the selected companies. “It is a great place to witness cutting edge technology trends with so many innovative thinking & crazy ideas”, said Michel CUI, head of Mid-market & Internet Industry at Alibaba Cloud Europe, “and to take advantage of one to one conversation with industry leaders, VCs to move your business forward!”.

Marc Pontoizeau, General Manager of Hamamatsu Photonics France and sponsor of this 6th edition welcomes those positive outcomes. “Hamamatsu has decided to invest in INPHO® because we have decided to be a player in the VC world, towards new applications and new technologies and INPHO® is strategically oriented to the new technologies including its applications IoT, AI and Blockchain. Participants can talk freely face to face of their projects and ambition. I have therefore gained at least 3 months, being able to meet with key people of 20 different start-ups and VCs.” And he concludes by already planning ahead: “I will attend next summit”. Hence, the appointment is made for next INPHO® Venture Summit 8 th&9th October 2020 which will be the place to be for all investors looking for profitable investments in deep tech and hardware.

INPHO® Venture Summit, the unique event for executives active in smart technologies and deep tech innovations held its 6th edition on 11th & 12th October 2018, in Bordeaux. The summit was chaired by George Ugras, General Manager at AV8 Ventures.
This biennial financial investor and strategic business partnering summit focused on growth markets and investment in technologies shaping the future. The summit provides the financial community and industrial leaders with a clear perspective on the most innovative, credible and profitable market opportunities in photonics and other smart hardware technologies.
Now in its sixth edition, INPHO® has attracted more than 800 European participants, 100 international keynote speakers and over 150 VCs and corporate funds. More than 110 startups have been selected to pitch, raising more than 200 M€.