Industry leaders at Inpho Venture Summit will discuss emerging new economies and opportunities in our fast-changing digital world

Face-off between investors and global industry players on key market issues in datacom/telecom, mobility, energy management and personalized medicine, as well as disruptive technologies

Within a few days of its launch, Pokemon GO had become one of the most widely used apps. The consumer market is driving IT innovation in areas such as IoT. It is only a matter of time when we will see connected devices more significantly impact all industrial fields.

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At the Inpho Venture Summit, taking place October 6 – 7, 2016 in Bordeaux, investors will tackle captains of industry on key topics relating to mobility, health management, energy management,  Datacom/ telecom and disruptive technologies.

These topics are bankable challenges, but their cross-fertilization is also expected to enable solutions and the champions emerge who, over the next few years, will make the difference in the marketplace.

The Inpho Venture Summit is  a high-level strategic business partnering and investor event focused on innovation and opportunities in growth markets.

While the consumer electronics market is becoming a playground to showcase what new smart and digital technologies can achieve, analysts expect that the adoption of these innovations by traditional and emerging industries will take the largest part of the business.

Five panel sessions at Inpho will cover these smart technologies offering virtually unlimited potential in the new and digital economy:

The Future of Mobility

Autonomous vehicles are emerging and will soon become a reality,  as advanced driver assistance and auto-pilot systems improve. According to a 2015 BCG survey on US car buyers, one in two (55%)  purchasers would be interested in buying a partially autonomous car, whole 44% would consider buying a fully self-driving one.

Big data: Ushering in a New Era in Medicine

The health system also has to evolve and structure a new organization in order to better diagnose and treat an aging population. Cancer, infectious diseases as well as neurologic disorders from depression to neurodegenerations are major causes of death, which  has a large societal impact (source: IMI).

Medicine is evolving from treatment to prevention. Wearable medical technology, such as activity trackers and physiological data monitoring, is of high interest in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, in parallel to drug discovery and delivery. They are expected to become a game-changer if relevant technologies and business models that aim to address cost and applicability are adopted.

Telecom/Datacom: The Cornerstone of the Digital Revolution

The evolutions described above are being enabled through high performing datacenters, datacom and telecom innovations. These are the cornerstone of the digital economy. Data security is also key. Developments in the Cloud are evolving with Mobile Edge Computing dedicated to secure personal data. Prevention from cyber attacks and better use of personal data will be also a growing challenges  over the coming years. Key players in a cross-section of activities from industry to politics will discuss what they see are available solutions to meet market expectations.

New Business Models in Energy

New businesses and economies that rely on data acquisition and management will always require more energy. New energy sources in conjunction with improved energy management are required. Solar energy is one and IoT and smart metering are helping it overcome the barriers to wider adoption.

Tomorrow’s buildings will also be smarter. New technologies, particularly in photonics, are already providing occupants with more practical, safer, more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly work and living spaces. Smart building developments are also allowing building managers to offer innovative services enable through photonics.

Europe’s attractiveness to Innovate

Government and European support for innovation is also key to make the digital revolution a success.

Top representatives from the EU Commission and EU Investment fund will speak at Inpho, providing insights on the Europe’s deployment of innovation as part of its strategy to support employment, health, security and wellness of citizens.

Disruptive Technologies

Quantum computers solving optimization problems at colossal speeds, 4D bioprinting of customized body tissue, and synthetic DNA manufacturing processes will be among the cutting-edge technologies presented at Inpho, which have already garnered investor interest. Scaling-up and commercializing disruptive technologies in Europe will be discussed.

We look forward to you joining us at this exceptional advanced technology and investment venue.


Author: Geraldine Andrieux, Director of Blumorpho, and co-organizer of the Inpho Venture Summit
September 2016 carré


Dedicated to industrials, investors, entrepreneurs shaping the future, sharing their vision and interactinInpho-Venture-Summit-le-rendez-vous-de-la-Photonique-a-Bordeaux_2014_news_imgg in an open minded spirit, INPHO welcomes C level executives listed hereafter. INPHO will be the place to collect relevant analysis on expected technologies to support the digitization from customers to industrial applications. Key players but also representative from the EC policy are coming to the event to Coming from Silicon Valley and all around Europe, they will come to INPHO. C-level executives interacting with entrepreneurs and investors in a 2 days networking event, this is INPHO Venture Summit 2016.

– Willy Van Puymbroeck, Head of Unit A4 Components, DG-Connect, European Commission
– Jean Marc Bally, General Manager at Aster Capital
– Raffi Garabedian, CTO at First Solar
– Pierre-Guy Therond, Head of Technologies at EDF Energies Nouvelle
– Nicolas Leterrier, CTO at Schneider Electric
– Pierre Laroche, Group VP Research & Technology at Legrand
– Nitan Patak, Institutional Business Development at European Investment Fund
– Stephen B. Alexander, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at CIENA
– Xavier Niel, General Manager at FREE
Edgar Auslander, Head of Partnerships at Facebook-Oculus Research
– Alessio Beverina, Founder and Managing Partner at Panakès Partners

– Amir Elbaz, CEO at iPhotonix
– Julian Lucek, Distinguished Systems Engineer at Juniper Networks
– Dieter Kraft, Investment Partner at
Robert Bosch Venture Capital
– Elon Musk (Live remote video), CEO at TESLA
– Anne Laliron, Innovation Strategy Manager at PSA
– George Ugras, Managing Director at IBM Venture Capital Group
– Christian Reitberger, Partner at Wellington Partners
– Hyunchul Jeong, Investment Manager at Samsung Ventures
– Ethan Pierse, Managing Partner at NEST Ventures
– Paul Thurk, Managing Director at Arch Venture Partners
– François Badoual, TOTAL Energy Ventures
– Kyung H. Yoon, CEO at Talent Age Associates
– And many more…

Energy efficiency

IoT and smart grids: towards new business models in energy. Energy providers are not smart grids providers although their markets seem to converge.

Mobility & Smart vehicle

What is the future of mobility? With the emergence of smart vehicles, electric cars and drones,  mobility is becoming a service in the expected smart city.

Innovative medicine

Better data for better treatment. The medical and pharma industries are entering into digitization to provide better prevention, diagnosis and treatment to face chronic diseases management.

Datacom & Telecom

IT has changed the world turning mobile phone as a priority in Maslow’s “hierarchy of needs”. The digital economy is driven by data acquisition and management.


Major private investors will be at INPHO to strike a deal. It is the mission given by Georges Ugras, Chairman of INPHO and IBM Venture Capital Group General Manager.

Inpho’ Team