INPHO 2022: 24 hours for DeepTech investors to solve tomorrow’s challenges

INPHO Venture Summit

The INPHO Venture Summit’s unique network of corporates, private investors and selected start-ups gathered for its 8th edition, in Bordeaux on October 13 and 14.

Organized by ALPHA-RLH competitiveness cluster, BLUMORPHO innovation expert and the CEA (the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission), this unique private event was designed to discuss the future of private investment in technologies with impact.

A unique DeepTech event for private investors by private investorsprivate investors

Chaired for the fourth time by George Ugras, Managing Director of AV8 Ventures, INPHO relies on a strong editorial committee composed of 12 members active in private investment including Eric Benhamou Founder of BGV, François Tison General Partner at 360 Capital Partner, Eileen Tanghal Founder and Managing Director at Black Opal Ventures, Christian Reitberger Partner at Matterwave Ventures, Mathieu Costes Partner at Airbus Ventures, Geraldine Andrieux CEO at BLUMORPHO, Dieter Kraft Managing Director at TRUMPF Venture, Jean-Gabriel Boinot-Tramoni Principal at Quantonation, and Hind Beaujon CSO at Pfeiffer Vacuum.

“I think we had a fantastic two-day conference this year. I was really impressed by the diversity of topics from Space Technologies to Artificial Intelligence and up to Semiconductor Technologies to give a few examples.

Participants came with all kinds of different backgrounds and countries, so we’ve been able to diversify the conference which adds a lot of flavors to the content. I was also impressed by the caliber of the discussions. It was interesting to assess how to leverage AI in society to address environmental issues but also keeping in mind all the privacy issues.” said George Ugras.

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Leading private investors, corporates and selected start-ups companies joining INPHO private event and atmosphere. 

From right to the left: Charles Beigbeder Audacia and Geodesic, Christian Reitberger Matterwave Ventures, Nicolas Leterrier Schneider Electric, T.M. Ravi The Hive, Jean-Gabriel Boinot Tramoni Quantonation, Faran Nouri Lam Capital, Hind Beaujon Pfeiffer Vacuum, Luc Ozanne Sofiproteol, Geoffroy Dubus Demeter.

24 hours of open discussion and networking to address tomorrow’s challenges​

Bringing together more than 160+ participants from US and across Europe, INPHO offered quite a dense 24 hour-program with 10 panel discussions gathering expertise from corporates and investors to address selected “hot topics” to tackle tomorrow’s challenges. Space, circularity, AI in Healthcare, reinforcing European manufacturing competitiveness including a specific focus on semiconductors, AgTech and resource shortages, energy and decarbonization, ethical AI, as well as data management and new business models with the insurance case study were covered.

The participants appreciated not only the variety of the topics but also the openness of the discussion. As stated by Lars Boehnisch, Investment Manager at Evonik Venture Capital “What makes INPHO different from other events is the opportunity to meet people from different fields but in a more private atmosphere and with a real openness to discussions. It is really a unique thing”.

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George Ugras Chairman of INPHO Venture Summit in discussion with Eric Benhamou, Founder of Benhamou Global Ventures, leading tech investors in Silicon Valley, Europe and Israel.

A unique venue to disconnect from the regular day-to-day but to connect for long term collaborations

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Mathieu Costes Partner at Airbus Ventures

The location of the INPHO Venture Summit in Bordeaux, capital of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region is also a key asset for this private event. “The location is very nice, Bordeaux is an extremely beautiful city, it is walkable and close to the airport, so from a logistical perspective it is fantastic to come here. It is a nice change from some of the larger cities. But INPHO is especially about people, it allows corporates, venture capitalists and corporate ventures from across the world to reconnect with one another. These connections are valuable for us and for our portfolio companies. 

INPHO is also about the selection of start-ups of high diversity and high quality. It is always a great time to discover companies with new technologies from across different industries” said Aymerik Renard, General Partner at Hardware Club VC.

A unique place to value entrepreneurs and support growth

The INPHO Venture Summit offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to benefit from highly valuable interactions with private investors and C-level managers of leading organizations. This year, more than 300 start-ups applied to join INPHO, 50 were selected and invited to digital interactions. 20 finalists were invited to introduce themselves in the pitching sessions, part of the INPHO 2022 Start-up Award.

All participants acknowledged the high quality of the start-ups invited to INPHO and how they address the key challenges discussed during the panel discussions. Space is definitely a high-growth market opportunity targeted by Pangea Aerospace with its disruptive rocket engines, environmentally friendly propulsion systems and its attractive business model. The need for energy transition is a no-brainer, but the challenge is huge to replace fossil fuels. Hydrogen is quite promising as well as EH Group Engineering offering scalable stack hydrogen fuel cells for high power applications. Decarbonization and energy transition are also calling for a change in the way we burn energy. In a world dominated by the digitalization of all industries, edge computing offers an interesting perspective to lower power consumption as explained by Nicolas Leterrier, CTO of Schneider Electric. 2 companies illustrated this analysis and introduced very attractive innovations to reduce energy consumption from data exploitation. Innatera offers ultra-low power intelligence for sensors and UPMEM is focusing on next generation data center computing architecture. Another major topic raised during the INPHO Venture Summit is the need for more automation and agile production to strengthen European manufacturing competitiveness while reducing its carbon footprint. Robots offer attractive solutions and LightCode Photonics with its smart, scalable and cost-effective approach provides 3D vision to robots so they can better interact with their environment and humans to handle new tasks.

INPHO award

Xsensio won the INPHO 2022 Startup Award

The finale of the INPHO 2022 Start-up Award came to a very close decision. After long discussions, Xsensio won the Award. This company presents a good opportunity to open a new path in healthcare at the cross sections of DeepTech and Health. With its solution for the continuous monitoring of hormones and proteins, Xsensio offers attractive perspectives for the development of new treatments, increased prevention as well as better monitoring of at-risk populations. Xsensio combines the collection of medical data with full respect of privacy and ownership using sensors addressing environmental and usage constraints.

As the winners of the previous editions like Effect Photonics, Prophesee and Nvision to name a few, Xsensio will benefit from the INPHO ecosystem to grow. It is also true for all participants since as stated Heli Valtna CEO of LightCode Photonics, “INPHO is extremely efficient for networking and creating future cooperation”. “It was better than I’ve ever experienced and could anticipate” she added.

A private event that has reached its promises to shape the future

The INPHO Venture Summit 2022 kept its promises to focus on DeepTech investment with impact. François Tison was happy to share “it is the first time I really see a change of mindset. Every company was looked at through the prism of sustainability. I have never seen that before in a tech conference.”   

“Impact and sustainability are not buzzwords, but common objectives. We do believe that the next innovation wave will tackle sustainability challenges and will come from collaborations across industries and across supply chains. Data has a key role to play and cannot yet be fully exploited. We are happy about the quality of the discussions between people with different profiles, it is really encouraging and promising. It is an important starting point to support the emergence of new markets and new business models” said Geraldine Andrieux, CEO of BLUMORPHO.

“Inspiring… this is the key highlight of INPHO Venture Summit, said Hind Beaujon CSO of Pfeiffer Vacuum leading company in components and systems in the vacuum industry. “The quality of the discussion, the diversity of profiles and the quality of the start-up selection is really inspiring to consider new collaborations and new business models. I came a bit out of curiosity after joining The Hive’s Annual Summit in the US, and for sure I will be back in 2 years for INPHO 2024”.

“The crises and challenges facing the world confirm that innovation is a driver of multiple transformations that companies must take advantage of” said Herve Floch Managing Director of ALPHA-RLH. “INPHO Venture Summit is a great tool serving our societal transformation” he added.