Friday’s program

9 pm CEST
How technologies can contribute to the prevention, monitoring and management of covid-19?

Andreas Lymberis, Head of Sector “Wearables & Bioelectronics” at the European Commission

Hans-Peter Dauben, Secretary General at EuroScan international network

Géraldine Andrieux, CEO at BLUMORPHO

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11 am CEST
How deep technologies contribute to positive impact?

Wolfgang Templ, Manager Radio Transceiver Research at Nokia Bell Lab

Henri Rajbenbach, Scientific Officer at European Commission

Pertti Jauhiainen, Scientific Officer at European Commission

Holger Meinel, Automotive Radar Expert at EuMA

Neil Armstrong, Managing Director at in2tec

Patrice Gamand, Business Development at Alpha Route des Lasers

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2 pm CEST
Meet the investor – Chrysalix

Fred van Beuningen, Managing Partner at Chrysalix

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2:30 pm CEST
Meet the investor – PhiTrust Partenaires

Davina MacPhail, Investment Manager at PhiTrust Partenaires

Last Minute Registration


3 pm CEST
Meet the investor – Bamboo Capital Partners

Florian Kemmerich, Managing Partner at Bamboo Capital Partners

Last Minute Registration


3:30 pm CEST
Meet the investor – btov Partners

Christian Reitberger, Partner at btov Partners

Last Minute Registration


4 pm CEST
Experience Digital Networking – Meet keynotes & participants

Open discussions with the participation of Signature Ventures and Impact Ventures.

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